Friday, May 24, 2013

Schools Out For Summer

It's time to celebrate because summer has arrived!

Marcus came home yesterday singing School's Out by Alice Cooper. And then proceeded to spend the majority of the rest of the evening repairing our Big Green Egg for grilling season. He is PUMPED!

I don't have school-age children yet but I do have a husband that is a teacher so I think that earns me the right to make a first day/last day collage :). Isn't this just precious? He was two months from being a daddy at the start of the school year and now we have a healthy, vibrant 6 month old! Three years down, ??? to go. We are thankful he already has 3 under his belt.

This was a daily routine for daddy as he dropped baby girl off at grams before going to school. Yes, he walks her to grams and then walks to work. The man has it made!
But the end of summer does mean that Georgia Grace will be home with daddy now. I know two great-grandmothers that are probably a little sad about this. I'm sure the duo will make frequent trips this summer to visit them and I know my mom has already requested to keep her one day while Marcus golfs and does other manly things.

She has enjoyed her days with her great-grandmothers so much. I can't begin to tell you how thankful we are that they are able to keep her while I continue my career. If it isn't me/Marcus-they are the next best thing!

We have fun things planned for this summer that I'm really excited about. Can I tell you how excited I am to see this little princess in a 'kini on the beach? Oh my gracious it's going to be amazing!

So here's a sweet sugary cupcake to celebrate another school year in the books.

Let's get this summer party started!

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