Friday, May 10, 2013

Goody Goody Harrison

I'm praising Jesus for a healthy baby! She's back to her normal self with no fever and loads of energy. Her fever was gone Wednesday night, she slept through the night and woke up feeling like a million bucks. I think a good nights rest (and prayer) was just what we needed. I'm a happy relieved mommy!

Since she was feeling good and we had already planned it, I took Georgia to school Thursday to see daddy and meet his students. Marcus says he gets asked daily when they can meet her so we didn't want to delay any longer!

Georgia Grace meeting Mr. Harrison's class for the very first time. I didn't know how she would act-I thought she might get spooked at 23 little faces staring at her but she didn't. She just stared right back and would flash her dimple grin! And daddy and daughter matched without even planning it which was perfection.

He took her around and introduced each student to her. He has two classes of students so she met close to 50 students! She was very observant and enjoyed being the center of attention. Just like her daddy. ;)

One of his students said, "Kaitlin, you know how Georgia's initials are GGH? Well, we have given her the nickname Goody Goody Harrison! Do you like it?" He seriously has the sweetest kiddos. That melted my sappy heart!

His students were very well behaved and loved us coming to visit. He comes home with little gifts and letters that his students have made for her all the time. We have kept them all for her to enjoy one day. What a blessing each and every one of them are to our family!

Thursday night we headed to the ballpark for my cousin Payt's senior night festivities. I don't know how you can look that beautiful during a softball game! Plus she's beauty and brains so she is the whole package. We are so proud of her and praying for this next chapter of her life.

She wants to be a kindergarten teacher and I know a year 2018 kindergarten that we would love for her to teach!! That is just crazy to think about. I didn't get a picture of them together after the game because baby mommy and daddy were hungry and we had a dinner date with the Ross'. But Georgia sure enjoyed Payt's balloon and sleeping the game away on Aunt Ash :)

When we get to Garcia's (one of our favorite restaurants we visit way too often) the Givens family walks in so I had to get a picture of Georgia and Abbott on their "first date" ha! Georgia was trying to make eyes with him but Abbott was too busy eating ha! This will be a picture we can pull out of the archives for a good laugh!

Now it's time to buckle down for a jam-packed weekend with the highlight being my first Mother's Day! I'm so thankful I get to celebrate this day with the ones I love so much.

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