Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Check-Up and Photo Dump

Tuesday was Georgia's 6 month well baby check-up. I have really started dreading these since our last shot experience was a whole lotta yuck.

We have one healthy baby girl! Just for my records, she was 15 pounds (25th percentile) and 25 inches (30th percentile). She's mini-sized :). I was concerned when the nurse told her weight but our pediatrician reassured me she was proportional and following her growth chart perfectly. We got the ok to start solid foods so we will gradually start introducing one food at a time. She's had peas and green beans and like both of them. Still not crazy about the baby food thing but I'm sure that will change as she gets use to it.

Then came time for the shots. There were only two this time and I held her and the nurse went very fast. She cried much less this time and was over it in 2 minutes. Thank you Jesus! Oh, and she loved the loud paper. She would have unrolled the whole roll if we would have let her!

Now just a photo dump. This was at Aunt Rachel's and Uncle Nathan's house. She's sporting her golf attire Rachel made her!

Doing a little bedtime reading :) We have started reading to her at night before bed. She loves flipping the pages. And eating the pages.

Y'all, it doesn't get any cuter than this. Oh I could just eat her up! This is her favorite way to sleep. And notice she's laying the opposite way in her crib ha!

Bathtime is so much more fun when you can sit up and splash! Gram gave her a bath in her jacuzzi tub and she had a ball!

Well she has handled the shots better this round but still symptomatic. She had a 100.1 temp this afternoon and has just felt yucky. I gave her some Motrin and she felt much better then. She has slept quite a bit so I'm praying she will just sleep it off. I bought her some new shoes and gave them to her tonight hoping they would make her feel better ha! I could just die over them. I'm sure I've enjoyed them more than she has.

Hoping tomorrow she is back 100%. This is hard on a mommy!

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