Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Shew what a weekend! We celebrated Memorial Day big and officially kicked off summer. Here is a recap in pictures:

Friday night my little cousin Payton graduated from high school. I was pretty sad about it! I remember the day she was born (the only day I was EVER allowed to skip school ha!) and I don't see how there is anyway possible 17 years has passed since then. She graduated a valedictorian of her class and is headed to WKU in the fall to become a Kindergarten teacher. We are SOOO proud of you Payter Poo!

Payton and Marcus-two babes ;-)

Payton, Elijah, and Georgia Grace. She was drawn to Elijah's tassel so he let her wear his hat. Three peas in a pod! What a blessing both of them are to us.

Saturday we had a relaxing day at home and it was beautiful outside so I attempted to get some pics of GGH. Y'all this child never stops. If she's awake, she is busy doing something. This is the best pic I could get! The rest were blurry and/or she was completing ignoring the camera. I want her energy!

I hung out my first load of clothes for the year and I took her outside with me so she could watch. She loves being outside and observing nature. I gave her some clothes pins to play with and she probably would have been content with those for hours.

Sunday afternoon we went to a graduation cookout for Payt and Elijah hosted by Elijah's parents and Georgia Grace got to meet her friend Aimsley. These pictures pretty much explain themselves. Oh my goodness my child was in attack mode! She literally could not get enough of sweet Aimsley.

She is such a wild woman. I don't think Aimsley knew what to think ha! I love exposing Georgia to other babies and watching them interact.

Sunday night we went to our friends Brandon and Sara's house for a Memorial Day cookout and yes this is Georgia slapping Abbott! She was in rare form needless to say. Poor Abbott, he was tough though and didn't cry!

Three sweet babies at the cookout-Caroline, Abbott, & Georgia. They were all born within 7 weeks of each other. We laughed and laughed watching them interact. Caroline and Georgia were after my phone and Caroline took a 2 minute video of herself :). Abbott is such a ladies man. So precious!

On Memorial Day we took Georgia Grace to James and Ashley's for her first swim! My bikini babe took cuteness to a whole new level today. It was over-the-top sweetness! I could seriously kiss those little fat rolls all day.

Our sassy southern belle

Checking out her swimsuit. I found her teeny bikini at the LAA sale I went to back in March and I couldn't wait to see her in it. And the floppy hat was the perfect accessory! She never bothered it and it shaded a good portion of her body which was great just in case I missed any spots with sunblock.

Georgia's 1st swim! The water was a little chilly so she mainly sat on the raft. She enjoyed it but I think she would have rather I just turned her loose ha! I don't think so sister.

All smiles after a dip in the pool (& nap)!

After our swim we strolled to my mom's house. They live a couple holes down on the golf course so it is convenient for us. This baby loves to stroll!

And just because 3 cookouts wasn't enough-we had one more tonight! My dad and my Embry grandparents joined us for some hamburgers and brats on the BGE. And for dessert I made some strawberry homemade ice cream that we hand cranked just because we are awesome like that :)

Georgia even took a turn. She's earning her keep!

I'm feeling very blessed after this weekend. We have some pretty great friends and family that I am very thankful for. This weekend couldn't have been much better.<3

And thank you for our service men and women who honorably make sacrifices daily for our country. We are thankful for the brave so we can be free!

Happy Memorial Day!

And Happy Birthday Grandma Harrison!!

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