Friday, May 31, 2013

Georgia Is Seven Months Old!

Georgia-you are SEVEN months old!

Georgia what have you been up to this month?!?

  • You are 16 pounds and 26 inches long to my measuring. You are wearing 6 month clothing and you can still get in a few 3-6 month pieces depending on the make/brand. You are wearing size 2 diapers.
  • You are constantly on the go! You do not like to be laid back unless you are sleepy. You prefer to be sitting up on your own or standing on our lap-little miss independent!
  • You are taking about five 6 oz breastmilk bottles per day and eating breakfast and dinner. Typically breakfast is whole-grain oatmeal and dinner can be a variety of apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, peas, or green beans. You seem to have liked everything you've tasted so far except bananas, I don't think you care for them.

  • You still seem to prefer your milk over food. You may be a hard baby to break from the bottle! You have drink water also and did good with it.
  • You love to be naked and kick your legs on your changing table. Sometimes when you aren't wanting your diaper changed you throw a "mini-fit" and I'm pretty sure you think your life is horrible in that moment ha!
  • You love to jump in your Jenny Jumper while mommy cooks supper.
  • You have started reaching for us when you want to be held which we absolutely love. You sure know the way to our heart!

  • When you wake up in the mornings you are so happy and excited! The mornings I get to be there when you wake up are the best mornings.
  • You still take your paci but only when you are sleepy. You put it in and out of your mouth with your hands during the day. You like to be in control ha!
  • You continue to sleep through the night and your napping has improved! I'm pretty sure you go so hard during the day you wear yourself out. Most days you take a morning 30 minute nap, long afternoon nap, and 30 minute evening nap. And the last few mornings you have slept until 9am (bedtime:10pm)-woohoo!!

  • Mommy blow-dried your hair for the first time this month. We were getting ready for church and your hair wasn't drying fast enough with a towel so I used the blowdryer! I doubt many 7 month old babies are having to do this yet ha!
  • You are right on the cusp of crawling. I feel like if we really pushed you you would be crawling right now but this mommy is in no hurry for that.
  • You LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. When you hear the Hotdog song, you stop whatever you're doing and direct your attention to the TV. I am amazed at how observant you are. To get your attention for a picture we have started singing the Hotdog song to you ha!

    If you can't tell from the variety of pictures, this photo session was a challenge! All she wanted to do is grab the chalkboard and chew on it. I didn't get one decent one of her with the board sitting beside her and did you notice the attitude she was giving me?!? Lord be with me through her teenage years :)
Happy 7 months Georgia Grace! You keep us on our toes and our lives are so much more fun with you! We love you oh so much.

(The pillowcase dress Georgia Grace is wearing was made by my church's youth girls and our friend Esther Givens. It is a special piece to me and I am so glad she was able to wear it!)

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