Monday, May 13, 2013

My First Mother's Day

Mother's Day. A day I have often thought about but never experienced in its capacity until this year. And it was such a blessing!

Six months ago I was given the most precious gift from God-my sweet Georgia peach! What an amazing half of a year it has been. I now know the love of a mother and understand what it means when my mom would tell me, "You will understand when you have children of your own someday".

 This baby is my pride and joy. She makes me want to be a better mom. I love my husband better because of her. I work and provide for my family because of her. I seek God's Word and guidance daily because of her. Even though many days I feel inadequate, overwhelmed, or just plain exhausted with my motherly duties, I know the Lord trusted me to serve in this role. Can I get an amen?

I have loved getting to experience all of the "firsts" with these two.

I also was able to spend Mothers Day with the women who molded me for motherhood. These ladies are Proverbs 31 women to me.

My husband (& daughter) spoiled me this year with breakfast in bed which featured two of my favorite things: oatmeal and milk! I am such a mono-eater he knew there was no point in preparing an extravagant meal for me ha! I love that he knows that about me. But the sweetest things on the tray were the two cards from my Georgia Grace. She made them with AKK kids and they are SO sweet and special to me!

And to commemorate my first Mother's Day Marcus gave me a silver locket with Georgia Grace's picture in it. The perfect gift for the perfect day. I will be the first to admit I am not the best at accepting gifts because I am tight financially-strict but I am learning to appreciate these acts of love. We all have our crosses to bear ha!

My day ended with me feeling loved, needed, and appreciated. All very important things to be a healthy mom. Thank you to everyone for the heartfelt gifts and for making my day special.

You will notice in the top left-hand corner of the collage a ring that spells MOM. My Mamaw Embry gave this to me yesterday. She has wore it for many years and I am honored that she has passed it down to me. I am thankful for her renewed health after a trip to the hospital last week. God is good!

 I hope all of you motherly figures had a great day celebrating YOU! Happy Mothers Day!

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