Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ballpark Fun & A Hairy Situation

We love going and watching our little cousins play baseball/softball and I have been anxious to get Georgia to a game. So Tuesday night Rachel and I took her to her first high school softball game! My cousin Payton is playing her last season of high school softball. She is also attending her senior prom this weekend and graduating in 4 weeks. Say it isn't so! She was the last girl on my side of the family until Georgia came along so she is like a little sister to us.

Georgia Grace wasn't real into the game, she was more into sleeping and eating. In her defense our team won pretty easily so there wasn't a whole lot of action. It is still pretty cold for evening games but I am so glad we went! At least we got another wear out of our custom onesie and blue/white striped pants and we got to support the BC Bears! Hopefully we can attend a few more before she hangs up her cleats :(

Two beauties, one being sleepy beauty ha!

In other unrelated news...It is no secret my child has a headful of hair. Long, growing hair that is creeping down into her eyes. I get asked frequently, "When are you going to cut her hair?". I really have no idea. The general rule is to wait until he/she is a year old but there is no way we are making it until October! My mom had to get my hair cut before my first birthday so it's a gene thing.

I will say it's a lot of fun "stylin'" this hair these days ha!

Just look at how long it is!

God knew my love for bows and blessed me with these long locks!

The craziest, most beautiful head of hair this mommy has ever seen. :)

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