Monday, April 8, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Sunday I turned 26 years old. I've decided this is a good age to hang out at for a while, I'm content to stay in the mid-twenties category. :)

This month I've realized I will be planning my 10 year class reunion in 2 summers, turned 26, opened my 401k, and was asked to join a book club. Hello adulthood!

Friday night we went to Red Lobster just the three of us to celebrate with a birthday dinner. Georgia Grace stole the show once again. She draws a crowd everywhere we go. But who could resist her cuteness?!?

Saturday my mom, Stan, mamaw, and sister came over for supper and to watch the Final Four. They brought dinner and birthday cake of course! Mom only had a 20 pack of candles. Poor thing can't come to terms with having adult age children ha!

Sunday night we celebrated at my dad's house and tonight we celebrated (combine with grandmommas-she will be 70 on Wednesday!!) with Marcus' family. Shew that's a lot of celebrating! Doesn't Georgia look like Miss Sassy in this picture? Ha!

Thank you to everyone for the thoughtful gifts and well wishes! My best gift is having a blowing-out-the-candles helper this year :). She makes everything more fun! Marcus also splurged on a new dress for me that I would have never bought for myself so that was a nice unexpected treat. Thanks babe!

And I must say congrats to Card Nation! My husband will despise me for saying that but I can't help but be happy for them. I have several friends who are Louisville fans (including several colleagues who will be gloating first thing in my office tomorrow morning!) so I am happy they get to experience winning a national title. And whose heart doesn't go out to Kevin Ware? Gee whiz. It's a good time to be a basketball fan in the good ol' bluegrass state! L Yeah! Nope, that's too far. :)

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