Monday, April 29, 2013

Prom Pretties

I love prom!

What is there not to love? Pretty girls, gorgeous gowns, handsome gentleman, and lots of FUN. I went to 4 proms-sophomore, junior, and senior year of high school and then my freshman year of college since Marcus was still in high school (I robbed the cradle!). I thought about digging out my old prom portraits for #tbt but I never got around to it. Maybe next year.

I felt so sorry for the prom-goers because it was a rainy, soggy mess. The tradition in our town is everyone who wants to see the prommers will go to the school and watch them walk in from the student parking lot. Well that was not happening this year. It was coming a flood at the exact time for the prom to start.

So instead Rachel, Georgia, and myself went through the front entrance of the school and took a few quick pictures inside! Doesn't Payt look like the Belle of the Ball? You would never believe she had to face all of nature's elements to get there ha! She looked flawless. I am sad this is our last "girl" prom escapade for a long time. I have done Payt's makeup since I can remember. We have had a good run capped off with Payton being voted Prom Queen! We are so proud of her!

Payton, Georgia, and Elijah
Elijah looked very handsome! And I should note the dress Georgia is wearing is one that I made her. You think she will let me make her dress for Prom 2030?!?!?

A better picture of the dress (with a stubborn baby). It was just a onesie that I converted into a dress. I found the tutorial for free! And it was simple. I love it a lot.

My sewing machine has been getting a good workout recently. I am trying to get GGH ready for her next move up in size and for the beach!

And tomorrow our big girl turns 1/2 year old! I cannot believe it. They really do not stay little long. But she's growing and healthy and thriving-so much about her six months of life to celebrate and be thankful for! 

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