Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Trip Plans & Ramblings

It's Wednesday, but it feels like a Friday to me because today is my last work day for the week-yippee! I will be attending the Kentucky Food & Nutrition Conference & Exhibition in Cincinnati. And the best part is Marcus and GGH are going with me!

I would be lying if I said I didn't have some anxiety about our trip. This will be our first time away from home since she was born 6 months ago. When I think about packing for an almost 6 month old for an overnight trip I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders to make sure I remember EVERYTHING we could possibly need. I can just see us now 3 1/2 hours away from home and realizing we forgot her paci, the stroller, my breast pump!

Actually though if I realized I forgot my breast pump at home I would probably shout hallelujah ha! I am kind of in a pumping slump right now. But I'm still chugging along. I know I don't talk about my breastfeeding much but I plan to talk about it more because I am such an advocate for it and hopefully my experience can help another breastfeeding mommy out there. But that's another day and another post. More to come on this!

I have already made our packing list and started laying things out. The weather looks a little unpredictable in the city so that means a myriad of outfits because you have to be prepared for all the elements.

And just for fun-the last time we were in Cincinnati I ran my half marathon! I was 20 at the time but in the picture I don't look a day over 15. I ran that baby in 1:42. This was definitely one of my proudest running moments.

This will definitely not be on the agenda for this trip! I have yet to lace up the Asics since giving birth (breastfeeding and running just do not mix for me; trust me, I tried). Maybe someday I will pick it back up but it's just not a goal for me right now.

But brisk walks strolling my baby girl-now that I am up for! Ok so lots of things going on in this picture. For starters, we have chronic hair-in-our-eyes syndrome. It really is a constant battle. We have started using this headband some to keep the hair back and it will work for a while until she gets too wild and wiggles out of it. I think it is just darling on her! And shows off her eyes and eyebrows. I get so many compliments on how distinctive and arched her eyebrows are. And she already knows how to use them to melt mommy and daddy's heart in a second. She is so expressive. And lastly, the legs. Look at those thunder thighs! She is not heavy by any means but she's on the shorter side so everything is condensed. We are going to be rocking some roly poly legs in our teeny 'kini this summer. Bring on the sun and sand ;)

And just a few notes--Happy Tax Day to my dad (definitely a celebrated holiday in my family!) and Happy 30th Anniversary (Tuesday) to my in-laws! We gifted them with tickets to go see Duck Dynasty when they come to Kentucky-they were happy happy happy about it! What a blessing their marriage is to us, wishing you 30 more Grandpa and Grandma!

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