Saturday, April 6, 2013


We have had a fun few days enjoying the warm weather! I have been so antsy to break out the stroller and start taking daily walks with my baby girl and we were finally able to do it.

We took short walks Friday and Saturday and Georgia really enjoyed looking at all of her surroundings. This baby has lived a boring life so far, we are trying to change that ha! Most of the time she just sits back and rides but I caught a picture of her cheesing real big for mommy! Those eyes. How will we ever say no to those?!? Sigh.

Thursday night we decided to introduce oatmeal cereal. GGH tore it up! She absolutely loved it, much more than the rice cereal (I have tasted both and now I understand why.).

We brought my highchair out of storage for her to start using. It's a little big but we put a blanket on the sides and it works great. I updated the high chair cover this past week. I wanted something gender neutral and fun for a kitchen. I'm happy with it!

Our sweet friend Tracy made this picture collage for us and I just love it! Tracy also made us a Christmas scrapbook that is so nice. Thanks Tracy, you're too kind!

My birthday weekend is upon us. I'm looking forward to celebrating with my family! It looks like I am going to be blessed with a beautiful spring birthday!

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