Monday, June 17, 2013

Changes & Favorites

We have arrived at an age where Georgia Grace seems to be changing and developing on a daily basis. It seems like everyday she is doing something brand new and our minds are blown that she is old enough to be doing that.

She still hasn't mastered crawling yet (Marcus never crawled, he just started walking at 8 months....8 MONTHS! Lord help me if that's the case) but she can bring herself up from belly to sitting position. She can also go up to all fours in a downward dog position (yoga lingo comes in handy sometimes!). And sometimes when she is sitting up and reaching for a toy, she will go back to the sitting position with one leg kicked out like a kickstand or pinned underneath her. That would be her mommy coming out in her. I sit in very strange positions. Double jointed hip problems-ha!

One morning last week Marcus went to get her from her crib and she was sitting up indian-style in her crib. What a big girl!
Her choice of toys have also changed in recent days. Aunt Shanna got her this Minnie Mouse iPhone this weekend and it has been a hit. She LOVES our iPhones so I am hoping this will replace the need to play with ours 24/7. We are one drop away from disaster I can just feel it!

Speaking of nonconventional toys, she also really loves jewelry and any other accessory you are wearing. Glasses, hats, buttons, she's not picky.

Another favorite in the toy arena is the Sit To Stand Learning Walker. The front attachment will come off so that we can lay it in the floor for her to play with since she's not ready for using it as a walker although I'm sure she would love to give it a try ha! She loves to roll the wheels and press the piano keys to make music. Thanks to fellow mommy friend Amber for mentioning this toy-it's a big hit at our house too!

And after 7 1/2 months of analyzing and observing, please meet our favorite toy of all-"The Knob"! We have renamed it "The Knob" because she is not interested in the rings, just the stacker part. She will just get beside herself excited when we give it to her. She chews on the top and bottom, hugs it, straddles like she is riding a spinning top and bangs it like a hammer. It has become a very multi-functional toy in Georgia's eyes. We have joked that our can't-leave-the-house-without item won't be a blanket, a babydoll, a plush bear-we will be packing "The Knob" everywhere we go HA!

In the nutrition department, our favorite food is potatoes. Sweet or good ol' Idaho-she loves them both! While we were on vacation I would order a baked potato and hand mash the potato with breastmilk to feed her and she couldn't get enough! At this point in time, she definitely prefers vegetables over fruit. She does not care for bananas or peaches (attempted peaches last night-a big NO. I love peaches but I tasted these and I understand her rejection-gag!) I still have several jars of baby food from the FREE sale I discovered so we will finish off those and then I will start making the rest for her. I think this will work best for us because by then I should know what she likes and what she doesn't like. Should save me time and mullah-yay for that!
She has also started drinking water from a straw (syringe style) or from a sippy. She loves water! We still make a big wet mess when we use the sippy but I know it is helping her learn the technique. And I must admit her using a sippy cup gives me some major anxiety. I just can't believe we are already to this stage. Sippy cups seem so kid-like to me.

Another big change that I am really enjoying is an earlier bedtime. Before bedtime was somewhere between 10-11 but in the past week it has been between 9-10 (one night she even slept from 8:15p-8a-WHOA!). We have pretty much cut out the late evening nap so now she is just taking a short morning nap and a long afternoon nap. Earlier bedtime equals a more rested mommy and daddy and a happier baby. It's a win-win for all of us!

If I've learned one thing as a mom it would be to embrace change. Change means our baby is growing and developing. She's exploring and discovering new things. Her nutritional intake is broadening and she's establishing preferences. It's all positive changes and something we should celebrate!

Today I'm thankful for change.

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