Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

My weekend started on Friday so Georgia Grace and I spent the day at home while daddy attended Professional Development training. Last week felt extra long so I was glad to just spend time at home doing a whole lot of nothing.

I was experimenting with different breakfast concoctions and found something that Georgia Grace absolutely loves. It's oatmeal, breastmilk, and baby yogurt (she is SO my child!). She wasn't crazy about the baby yogurt by itself and she gets bored of oatmeal but when I fed them to her mixed together it made her so happy! She clapped her hands and her feet was just a going. Mommy gets an A+ for that discovery!

Saturday we had a pool day and I did not take one picture. I must confess pool days with a baby are hard. By the time you inflate floats, lather on lotion, feed her, change into swimmy diaper and put on swimsuit you've already invested a good amount of time and you haven't even left the house. She lasted about 15-20 minutes and then she was ready for a nap. She usually lasts a lot longer than that but we didn't time it just right. It's all about timing! I'm sure we will perfect it the last weekend of the summer HA!

Sunday Eric (my sister's bf), my dad, Marcus, and my papaw took a fishing trip to Lake Malone to catch some fish for our friend's fish fry next weekend. Please note the rainbow of Columbia PFG shirts. Three unplanned, one didn't want to feel left out (papaw HA!). My dads and papaw's are past fathers day gifts so I think I did well with those gifts. The super moon was supposed to provide superb fishing conditions and it did not disappoint. The fishermen caught 76! We will be eating good next weekend.

My baby girl is getting so big. Just this weekend I found her pulled completely up to her feet in her crib AND she started waving. I love watching her learn and grow but a part of me gets a little sad when I see her accomplish new things that shows her independence and self sufficiency. Why can't they stay babies forever?!?

Georgia Grace and I hung out at mamaws while the fishermen were at the lake. She loved swinging on their front porch swing. There's not much she doesn't enjoy that is outdoors. She's showing off her painted toenails in this picture :)

Swing naps are the best naps

We think my sister is part indian (I kid) and she just got back from a week at the beach so she was dark as a tick! We had to get a picture to compare two extremes. They may have opposite color skin right now but they sure are alike in other areas. We have loved having Paige home this weekend and we are going to be so sad when she moves in a few weeks (sniff sniff). 

I hope everyone had a great weekend enjoying sweet summertime!

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