Sunday, June 16, 2013

Marcus' 1st Father's Day

Another "first" has rolled around for us as we celebrated Father's Day this weekend. Each big occasion seems to be arriving so quickly! Time please slow down.

Father's Day 2013
Marcus knew from the day that we found out we were pregnant that we were having a girl. And what a perfect "girl dad" he is. He doesn't mind all the pink and bows and bloomers and ruffles. I'm thankful God chose him as the father of my children and my forever soul mate.

First Mother's and Father's Days. Look how much GGH has grown in a month!!

Just a little something special to remember this day. This was a pinterest idea from my MIL-thanks Shannon! It was a great surprise! {His big gift was a pistol he purchased a couple of months ago-I guess he's preparing for Georgia Grace's dating years HA!}

We spent the day with Marcus' family by enjoying church with our Methodist church family and eating a delicious lunch at grandmomma and granddad's. Marcus smoked a boston butt this weekend that was out of this world good!
I'm thankful for my FIL and the wonderful father (and grandfather) figure he has become!

I'm also thankful for my dad-he's out of town this week so I didn't get to see him but he means the world to me. I can't thank him (and my mom) enough for the wonderful childhood I was given.

I hope everyone had a great day celebrating all the amazing dads out there! I know Marcus is excited he has joined the Dad Club. :)

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