Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Meeting Uncle Jake and Supporting Our Team

As I mentioned earlier, my brother-in-law was called out on storm duty the night before Georgia was born. He was sent to the Bronx in NYC to help restore power to the hundreds of thousands that were without following Superstorm Sandy. After two weeks he is finally home!

Uncle Jake and Georgia Grace meeting for the first time. The Pike shirt she has on was a gift from him and one of the first pieces of clothing she had!
He may hate me for telling this but I'm going to anyway. Just as a disclaimer Jake hasn't had much exposure to babies :). So the day she was born my sister-in-law Shanna told him, "She's already said Uncle Jake two or three times". He replied, "Really?" HA! We have got a big kick out of that at his expense bless his heart! He's a good sport though. This will be a great learning experience for him!

Last night was also an exciting night because the Cats were playing their arch-rival Duke. The ending wasn't what we had hoped for but the season just started and our team has so much potential! This picture is very special to me because Marcus is wearing an old UK shirt that was my papaw Porters and the outfit Georgia is wearing was a gift from him before he went home to be with the Lord. We are carrying on the tradition for him!

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