Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Georgia's Nursery Tour

I thought I would share a few pictures of Georgia's nursery with you all! Several people asked me what type of theme or colors I was going to do for the nursery and that was a hard question to answer because I really didn't have a theme or particular color palette. We wanted the nursery to feel timeless and classic yet very girly. We were blessed to have several family heirlooms that we were able to incorporate in the nursery.

As far as the bones of the room, we kept the neutral taupe wall color that we already had and added the white wainscotting and crown molding. We have hardwood throughout our house so we kept that and just added a neutral area rug. The room is not huge but it's big enough for everything she needs. I just love how everything came together and I think we achieved the look we were going for!

My best friend "Aunt" Rachel made this wreath to go on her door. I love walking down the hall and seeing the wreath. She did such a great job on it!

There is such a long story behind this crib. To keep it short, we fell in love with this crib and before we got around to ordering it the crib was discontinued! We called everywhere and no one had this exact style. Finally Amazon just happened to randomly get 4 in stock when I was browsing one day and we orderd it immediately! It was the perfect crib for what we were wanting. There is a rose detail on the headboard and rail. What I love about this crib is that it is a convertible so she can use this same bed for as long as she wants! I hope she loves it as much as we do.

Also something to note I debated on a white or wood crib FOREVER. And finally decided on the wood since we were doing the wainscoting detail on the walls.

Oh, and I'm in love with the monogram over the bed. Swoon.

Her bedding is the Land Of Nod Doll Dress pattern. Again, this bedding had been discontinued but we were lucky and found it! The stars were definitely aligned for us when we were outfitting her nursery.

Her changing table is a very special piece. Her great-grandfather Larry Flener refinished this dresser and we are using it for her changing table. He added the medallion detail and glass knobs that I LOVE. I also love all the storage the drawers provide. This dresser was Georgia's great-great-great grandmother Ethel Gaskey's. Something else that is interesting is Ethel actually delivered Georgia's great-grandmother Kay Gaskey Flener! Such a neat story.

The lace curtains on both windows were made by my mamaw Embry. They are so girly and fun!

This armoire was given to us by Marcus' grandparents. It once set in their dining room holding plates and other sort of decor but when we found out we were expecting and we were wanting some type of open-face closet for the baby, they gladly offered us this piece. It was the perfect addition to the nursery! I love having her dressy clothes, socks, shoes, and bows so handy. We received so many handmade quilts and afghans so I love being able to display them in the armoire also.

 The poor child obviously is deprived in the clothing department!  

I had my heart set on a Pottery Barn glider but could not allow myself to pay the $1000+ price tag so we settled for a comparable one. We have been very satisfied with it so far. The quilt draped on the back was made by Georgia's great-great-grandmother Luda Porter and the monogrammed Pottery Barn pillow was a gift. The floor lamp gives off just enough light when we are up at night and don't want it to be too bright.

The side table by the glider. One of my favorite books of all time is "Little Mommy" so I had to display it in my daughter's nursery. My mom bought me the book when we found out we were expecting. I look forward to reading it to her while I rock her to sleep.

What's a nursery without a chandelier! :) This actually came from my aunt's house. When they built their new house, the folks that bought their house installed all new lighting so she held on to this one for me!

Our shag area rug. I can see us spending lots of time playing on this!

This basket of her plush toys looks so cute where it is at but it will probably be making a move soon. Owen seems to think these are sitting out for him and he goes and picks a new one out about every other day ha! We have already sacrificed several to Owen's stash.

 We are very happy with the finished product and we love spending time in her nursery. It is so calm and relaxing not to mention so shabby chic for our baby girl!

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