Thursday, March 7, 2013


Yesterday we took Georgia for her 4 month well baby checkup. Daddy got to come this time and was excited about it until he remembered that there would be shots involved.

The shots. Oh, the shots. This face pretty much sums it up.

Bless her little heart she was not a happy camper. Our 2 month vaccinations went well but I was afraid this time since she is older and has a better memory that she wouldn't take them as well. And mommy was right. It broke our heart to see her in pain.

And she has been symptomatic today. She's ran a low grade fever and was fussy and lethargic this morning. There's been lots of cuddling and kisses today!

She was 13.3 pounds (40th percentile) and 23 3/4 inches (35th percentile). Her pediatrician said she was proportional and growing just like she should be!

He was pleased with her rolling skills and sleeping through the night. He said she has met or is ahead in all of her developmental milestones. There was a silver lining to the checkup hearing this!

Currently her temp is down to 99.3 and she woke up from her nap smiling-yay! She's still not her normal self but I'm so happy her temp is coming down. She has been pretty pitiful. I'm praying we wake up tomorrow with a normal temperature and a happy baby!

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