Monday, March 18, 2013

St Patty's Day

Since St. Patrick's Day fell on a Sunday, we celebrated through the week with little fun events. AKK goes all out for the holiday and of course Georgia Grace got to participate! :)

Last Monday night Gram fixed us a traditional St. Patricks Day dinner. Including clover shaped butter. Clover. Shaped. Butter! This detail oriented gal was in heaven! And it was all so yummy.

                                 The littlest leprachaun! I think this picture is absolutely precious.

Every year a naughty leprachaun visits AKK and plays tricks on the kiddos. Green milk, green toilet water, leprachaun footprints---you name it, he has done it! This year one of his tricks was putting a clover on GGH! The kids went wild when they saw this!

To avoid the pinching Georgia Grace wore this knot dress that I made her to church Sunday. It is still so cold here so we had to pair it with tights but they actually matched well.

I am pretty proud of this dress. I found a free pattern and the fabric is from Walmart. I may have to make her a few bigger ones for this summer!

Holidays are so much more fun with a child. <3

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