Saturday, March 23, 2013

Random March Pictures

This is just a fun post to include some of the memorable pictures I've taken this month. I honestly have no idea where this month has gone, it seems like we were just getting started!

Happy happy happy girl! :) (I think we were actually watching Duck Dynasty when Paige took this ha!)

AKK couldn't leave the baby out of celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday! She loves being included.

Georgia loves her doggy friends! This is Sadie, Gram's dog. She is big time after them these days. She goes right for their hair or nose. They are all sweet to just let her do what she wants to do!

My bright-eyed girl<3

And this was daddy multitasking today ha! Anytime we are in the floor with Georgia, Owen thinks it is playtime for him too. Marcus is always good about including him. This is pretty much what our Saturday looked like and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thankful for days just like this.

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