Saturday, March 16, 2013

SEC Letdown

Well I wasn't sure if I would find time this weekend to post about our trip to Nashville for the SEC tournament. HA! I have found time considering we are sitting at home :(. Mamaw got us the whole book of tickets but since UK got knocked out in the first game, we decided to watch the rest from home. 

We went down Friday for both sessions. It was just Marcus and me (Grandma and Grandpa kept GGH for us-thank you!) and we had plans to bring Georgia Saturday and then stay all night for the championship game Sunday. Unfortunately Georgia's first UK game will have to wait until next season. On the bright side her first game will be at Rupp.

We were still happy at this point because the game had not started ha! I would be lying if I said the game was not depressing. We just played flat out bad. And it looks like we are NIT bound. Sheesh!

We made the most of Friday and did some fun things between the sessions. We went to Wildhorse which was a sea of blue! And I got my picture made with Elvis so the day wasn't a total wash. :)

Thank you mamaw for our SEC tickets!! We've decided that the first check these players receive once they make it to the NBA should be divided amongst all the UK fans that bought SEC tickets.

 I kid. 

You win some and you lose some. We have won our fair share so we were due a down year. But that is a hard pill for the BBN to swallow! We still bleed blue. We will get 'em next year!

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