Monday, October 27, 2014


What a fun weekend we have had! It was so much fun I haven't found the time to upload all of my party pictures so just a brief update today and a full party post this week. She had so much fun at her party, we couldn't have asked for a better day or people to share the day with!
Friday night we got the weekend started with a hayride at the "twin's" house. Erica and Kypton are fellow AKK buddies and they have been so sweet to "baby Georgia". I think she will always be baby Georgia to them :) We had a great time visiting with friends and getting a break from house updates. I'm so glad they invited us. 
Saturday we headed to Lexington for a great SEC matchup. The undefeated #1 in the nation Miss. State Bulldogs came to town and we were hoping to see a big upset or at least a good game :) We met our friend Pat and his wife and tailgated with them for a bit before the game. She is 8 months pregnant so we had lots of baby talk. It was a perfect fall day for football.
We bought the tickets long before we knew we would be buying and updating a house right now ha! But I'm still glad we took the day to have fun. We had to sell our Keeneland tickets since it ended up being a day game which was a bummer but CBS picked up the game so that was good.
We had awesome seats right by the UK tunnel. It was such an exciting game from start to finish. Even though we didn't win I was a proud fan. The stadium was packed and it was such a great atmosphere.
And then Sunday was the big day! We chose to have her party on a Sunday this year because everyone seems to be less busy on Sundays than Saturdays (at least that's the case for us). She had lots of sweet family and friends that came and I'm so thankful for all of them. It means so much to know how many people love your baby. She embraced all aspects of partying this year-opening gifts (and personally thanking each person ha!), jumping in the bouncy house, blowing out the candles. I was so proud of my almost two year old. Her maturity was very evident. More pictures to come!
Happy Monday! We celebrate her actual birthday this week and then we are off to the beach. And hopefully when we return we will be ready to move in to our new house. We are busy but blessed.

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