Saturday, April 1, 2017

Photo Dump

Saturday nap time is my window of opportunity to catch up on the blog. Let me just say that blogging when I had one child was A LOT easier than blogging with two children at home. I'm just proud I find time about once a week to jot a few things down! There's never a dull moment around here anymore since Jack joined the party :)

For the past five weeks I have had a dietetic intern by my side as I taught her the ropes of the school nutrition world. Friday was her last day and I didn't realize how sad I would be to see her go! We waved goodbye to each other as we left my office's parking lot and I was emotional (motherhood has made me a sap). I wish Allison all the best and I know she is going to be an outstanding dietitian!

Baby brother was long overdue for a haircut but it was sweet seeing those curls come back.

Daddy took him to the barber shop Saturday morning to see Barbie and he came home looking like a little man. His haircuts always make me sad thinking how he will soon be a little boy and the baby days are almost over ;(

Saturday afternoon we took Georgia Grace to see Beauty and the Beast. Gammy and Gran Stan kept Jack for us. The movie was really good and then she got to pick where we ate supper (O'Charley's). 

Alone time with mom and dad has been scarce since brother came along but it's nice when we get opportunities to spend one on one time with each of them.

Sunday night we went over to James and Ashley's to watch Kentucky play in the elite eight game. They had an amazing run but unfortunately lost :( We were all bummed and already had our hearts set on the 9th championship title! But we got to see Baby Ben and everybody else so it was still time well spent.
He turns two next month and mama is having a hard time accepting it. Every night we read three books (and he says "one more time" after the last one) and he sleeps with every mimi (blanket) he can find. He might be rowdy but he's equally just as sweet.

Friday Georgia went to OWL Academy and the Easter bunny came to visit!

She was a little apprehensive but did agree to a picture :) Proud of her for being brave!

And now it's officially spring break week! We have a big trip planned for later in the week. A little break is just what we needed!

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