Monday, April 10, 2017

NYC Day One-Two

Marcus, Georgia and I just got back from a spring break trip to New York City! My brother Cody moved to NYC two years ago and we decided back in November that we would make a trip to see him and the city before he moved to another city. The original plan was for all four of us to go but the close we got to vacation time we realized that NYC was not ready for Jack Porter ;) So he stayed back in Kentucky with family. I know this was the best option for everyone. We missed him like crazy but we loved being with different family members and having all the attention!

Wheels up to the Big Apple!

Our departing flight got interesting. We were delayed at first because LaGuardia Airport was too full. Then we completely boarded the plane and started to taxi out when we were delayed again for weather and had to deboard the plane and hang out a while. It wasn't too long, actually it was shorter than we realized and we didn't hear the announcement and had to hustle to get back in time. Don't all travel stories have a few hiccups?!

But we made it to our hotel safe and sound. We stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel. We booked through expedia just a week before our trip and got a great deal and it was beautiful. 

The location was great too-it was close enough to everything but not in the middle of the chaos and mayhem.

We didn't waste any time and headed straight for sightseeing. We went to Times Square for Georgia's first experience. We picked a good time to go because the crowds were light and it wasn't too cold. This was our second time in NYC and it's still just as unbelievable as the first time.

Not many four year olds visit Times Square but she's not your ordinary four year old :) She loved it!
We ate supper at a pizza place called John's. My two sweeties.

The next morning we headed out early to start a day full of sightseeing. We started our day with our first subway ride out of Grand Central Station. GCS was the closest terminal to our hotel so we were in and out of this place a lot. We were three of the 700,000 that come in and out everyday which is absolutely mind blowing.

Picture time to document the experience

We took the subway downtown to Battery Park and rode Miss Ellis Island to go see Lady Liberty herself!
A beautiful view of the city while we waited in line on the banks of the East River.

Our view of her as we took the ferry ride over. It was sunny for some parts of the day but clouded up in the morning.

Everyone would ask Georgia what her favorite part of the trip was and she always says The Statue of Liberty. We bought her a small Statue of Liberty toy at the airport to put in her room to remember our trip. 

Every time I got a picture of her and Daddy she would lay over on his shoulder :)

She's even prettier in person 

Family selfie from Ellis Island with NYC in the background

After lunch we took the subway uptown to Central Park and happened upon a pick up game. It was neat seeing New Yorkers just living a normal life.

Washington Square Park

I couldn't resist a picture of Georgia in front of the Plaza doing the classic Macauley Culkin face from Home Alone Lost in New York :)

We walked over to Central Park and it was a beautiful afternoon for it! I think it got close to 70 degrees which is warm for NY in April our taxi driver said.
Central Park is my favorite part of the city.

Sister liked it too! She felt like she was back home again with all the green spaces and water.




We ended the evening with supper at Jack Demsey's, a pub owned by a big UK fan so there's Kentucky memorabilia in the restaurant. Day three and four coming tomorrow!

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