Sunday, April 23, 2017

Red White and Two

Saturday we finally were able to celebrate our Jack boy's second birthday with a "Red White and Two" party. A friend of mine on Instagram did this theme for her son a few years ago and I just loved it and filed it in away in my memory for this opportunity. The party was suppose to be outside but the weather was cold and rainy so we moved it inside and just made the most of it. 
The cute party invitations my friend Sara made for me. Love love love them! 

It always gets crazy the last 15 minutes before it's party time and I didn't get as many pictures of the decor as I would have liked but my sister did get a few for me. 

Gina Howard made his adorable cake. It fit the theme perfectly. And we went very simple this year-just cake, cupcakes, fruit, chips and drinks. It's funny how much you mellow with kid #2. Or maybe it's just me HA!


LIke I said it turned off cold this weekend after a warm April so far so I pulled out my patriotic sweater :) Why not!

Not the best picture but the only family picture we got. Love them anyway :)

The birthday boy! He was pretty chill about the whole party thing. Georgia gets so excited for her birthday parties and just thinks they are the best! He was kind of take it or leave it HA! I'm thinking that's a girl versus boy trait. But he was very sweet and mature and thanked people for their gifts and was well behaved. I was so proud of him!

My boy is two. Everything happens so much faster the second time around. I will blink and he will be starting kindergarten. 

Opening gifts and stopping to use his new electric toothbrush he received :)

Riding his new bike from Ma and Pa!

Opening more gifts with help from big sister and his friend Ava.

Like I said there weren't a lot of pictures taken but we had a lot of fun celebrating our boy. He is loved by so many people, we had a house completely full of family and friends! I never could have imagined how much I would love being a boy mom. It's everything I wanted and more. 

Happy Birthday, Jack boy! Bring on year number two! :)

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