Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

Happy Easter! We had a wonderful weekend celebrating our Risen King. Georgia really grasped the true meaning of Easter this year and it reassured us that we are doing what we need to do to teach her about Jesus. We didn't really talk about the Easter Bunny much. He came but that was about it, but they were very excited nonetheless! :)

Thursday was the Easter party at AKK. Jack turned two on Wednesday so he was able to participate this year! He officially starts AKK next week and I still don't know where the past two years went.
They have a long standing tradition of every child bringing a dozen boiled eggs and the kids coloring them and them hunting them for their easter egg hunt.

And of course lots of yummy treats to make the party more fun!

Sweet boy found a few eggs during the hunt.

Eating lunch with his preschool friends. He feels like such a big boy doing this kind of stuff!

Saturday morning before our Easter egg hunt at church we swung by Ma and Pa's house to see the turkey Pa killed.

Daddy hasn't got one yet but he's still got time!

We headed to church for the egg hunt. The weather was perfect! Actually a little too perfect because the chocolate-filled eggs had melted :) But we will take that any day over cold and rainy!

She found 44 eggs and was so proud of herself!

Jack found 20 eggs that included two prize eggs.

We came home, ate lunch, napped and then colored eggs of our own. Jack just got in on the last part of it because of his nap which was probably for the best for everyone's sanity :)

Easter morning 2017
The bunny brought candy, water guns, new pajamas, new flip flops and a few small toys. They were tickled with their loot!

What's Easter without a picture of your babies in bunny ears?!?

We put on our Easter best and got ready for church. We did matching sibling outfits because why not until they form an opinion on their attire :)

My beautiful baby girl. She has grown so much this year.

My beautiful baby boy. We've hit the two's wide open but so far it hasn't been too terrible! Love that sweet smile and voluminous hair.

We didn't have anyone extra at the house to take our family picture so we took turns of taking pictures of each of us with the kids. 

Jack was ready to "play outside" at this point but posed for a split second for me.

Georgia wasn't sure about a picture with her boyfriend on Easter but she finally obliged. And then she was glad she did ;)

We celebrated Easter and my birthday at Mom's after church. No matter how far away my birthday falls from Easter we always do it together and that's fine with me. There's not a better holiday to share the event with!

Sweet Embry babies looking super Easter sweet :) I was so glad we got to spend Easter with Bo this year!

It was a pretty perfect weekend celebrating our King. So very thankful for all my blessings this Easter!

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