Monday, February 6, 2017

Shopping, Super Bowl and Sweet Babies

We are well into February and continuing to enjoy the lazier days of winter. We are still waiting for a big snow! I'm starting to have my doubts if we are going to get one this year. The kids I will be so disappointed if we don't!

Just two girls putting on their faces. She loves makeup so much. And to be honest so does her brother. We have lots of talks about who can wear makeup and who cannot. He's usually fine if he can just have some chapstick :)

She's getting so big so quick. Everyone assumes she will be starting kindergarten in the fall because of her maturity. Thankfully we will have another full year with this girl before she officially starts school. I really really love her fall birthday.

Sleepy morning snaps. I always want to remember them like this. The mornings where I load both of them in their carseats, Jack in his jammies and sister dressed for AKK preschool. I want to remember how they reach across the vehicle to hold hands between the seats. I want to remember how Jack talks the whole way to AKK and Georgia usually daydreams out the window. I want to remember how one of them says our prayer every morning in the vehicle (we take turns, Jack repeats what I say). I want to remember our rural drive on Woodbury road to miss the school traffic and so we can see beautiful countryside. These are the best mornings that I never want to forget!

We celebrated Aunt Shannie's birthday last week. She doesn't even have kids yet (she will very soon though!) but she's been sharing the blowing out the candles activity since 2012 :) We love you Aunt Shanna!

They made a groundhog craft at Aunt Kay's and she couldn't wait to show us!

One of the expressions she used when she was telling us about the groundhog seeing his shadow. She is personality plus y'all.

I posted last week about Jack's first successful show and tell. This was his second show and tell! I'm pretty sure he is pretending to dry his hair with a bubble maker. I can't handle his morning hair.

The world is her stage. She decided to put on a recital for everyone at CFA.


Friday night we went to Pizza Hut with Aunt Shanna and Uncle Jake. Have I told y'all just how much Jack loves pictures? Because he really does.

Saturday some friends and I headed to Newburgh, Indiana for some bridesmaid dress shopping. My friend Juleah is getting married in August and she wanted all our input on which dress we were going to wear. She's pretty special like that :)

*I had never been to Newburgh but it's the cutest little town! It's situated right on the Ohio River and it's so so cute. I want to go back when it's warmer to explore.

We went to House of White and found our dress in ten minutes. It was an unanimous decision, no drama at all!

It took us longer to order our pizza than to pick out our bridesmaid dresses. We like what we like! Love you Jules and can't wait to see you as a beautiful bride!

He might make me cuss on a Sunday but I love him more than he'll ever know.

Georgia woke up from her nap and decided she needed to give her baby a ride on her riding horse. She said there was a seat in the front for her and everything. She's the sweetest little mommy.

We went to a Super Bowl LI party at Auntie's but this boy just went for the food. We were cheering for the Falcons because Kentucky boy Jacob Tamme plays for them but we should've know you can't beat the greatest of all time. It was a crazy game and I thought Lady Gaga's halftime show was entertaining too. No complaints here!

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