Monday, February 13, 2017


Blogging has unfortunately transitioned to just a weekly post recapping the week. Marcus asked me yesterday if I was giving it up completely and I said no, we're just in a phase where this is what blogging looks like but I hope to pick it back up and do more frequent posts in the spring when we have more activities going on. This place is my memory book and I think I would be lost without it!

Jack started Toddler Tales at the library last week. My mom is keeping him on Mondays and this is one of their activities.

Jack and his new Toddler Tale friends. It looks like they are all looking at the new kid ha! :)

After Monday night dinner these two played like they were napping. Well one of them did and the other was too curious.

Tuesday night after dance we met Aunt Paige for a few minutes at CFA. I love this picture of these two <3

While we were at dance, Daddy and Jack went to watch Morgan Paige in the district spelling bee. She came in second! I'm so proud of how my husband supports his students.

The kids and me facetimed while I was at work and they were at home with Daddy. Jack was giving Mama kisses. Georgia had already moved on to the next thing :)

And then when I got home they greeted me with a big hug! They make my heart want to explode.

We may not have snow but we have a lot of flu going around in our little town so we had an unexpected three days off this past week! And the best part was we have avoided any sick germs (knock on wood!) so we were able to enjoy those days to the fullest. The babies favorite thing to do right now is play hide and seek. They were "hidenin" in this picture according to sweet Jack :)  

Sister has a social calendar that is more full than mine so while Georgia went to the rodeo, we took big boy with us to supper and to do a little shopping. We picked up some big boy underwear for him! We have the potty chair out and have put the underwear on but that's about the extent of it so far. He doesn't like to wear a dirty diaper so I'm hoping that's a sign that he will be easy to train. I will do a follow-up post on this.

Georgia Grace at her first rodeo. She loved it and talked about it the rest of the weekend. She played rodeo and we would have to cheer for her when she rode into the stadium.

Thanks Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna for letting her tag along!

Saturday night we went to see our friend Travis's band play at Betty's. It had been a long time since we had done anything like this and we had a lot of fun!

Sunday our sweet friend Ava joined Georgia Grace in Sunday School for the first time. These three friends sure love each other and I can only imagine the funny things Mrs. Jan hears :)

After church we ate lunch with Eric, Paige and Bo at my mamaw's. This is about fifty pounds of my favorite boys. It was nap time o'clock for both of them :)

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