Thursday, January 14, 2016

January Things

We are already into the middle of January and we are getting settled in to the new year. I'm still feeling the joy of new beginnings from my new planner, new bible readings, new activities and newfound energy from Jack deciding that sleeping more at night was a good thing!

Thank you son.

While everything is still fresh and new I'm trying my best to make blogging a regular habit again so I can put words to my memories. Our story is so good and fun and alive right now. I want to preserve it and bottle it up.

Here our five big things to put in my memory bank-

1. Our Compassion Child Fitsum turned 7 on the 7th and we sent him a letter and pictures of our growing family. We sent this back in the fall because there is so much mail delivery lag time to Ethiopia. My prayer is that Fitsum will love Jesus. I want his needs to be met and for him to receive a good education but above all I want him to know the Lord.

2. I posted pictures of our playroom tour last week, but this is really how it looks the other 364 days. This was the result of our first snow day on Monday.

I watched this video this week and sobbed. Everything about it reminds me of Georgia. The nursery is so much the same as hers that for the first 15 seconds Marcus thought it was a video I had made! A beautiful reminder to live in the moment.

4. Georgia had her first dance class Wednesday afternoon. This was one of my favorite days to be her mom.

On the way to The Dance Academy she was singing "to dance class we go, to dance class we go"! She was so excited for it.

She loved it and did well listening and following directions. There was no anxiety, no nervousness, just excitement!

I just love our little ballerina. I hope she loves dance as much as I did.

While Georgia was dancing I found this flashback in time...

I danced for six years at the same academy with the same teacher. I think that is awesome!

Two generations of dancers with a strong gene pool.

5. Just a precious picture of brother bear. He has some object permanence going on and does not want anyone to leave his sight. He doesn't have to be held but you better not go anywhere. He could be our stage five clinger :)

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