Friday, November 4, 2016

Georgia's 4th Birthday Party

Last weekend we celebrated our girl's 4th birthday with a fun party at our house. We enjoy entertaining even though we haven't done it a whole lot in the past couple years because, stating the obvious, we have two babies. Her birthday party is a time we like to have our friends and family over to celebrate with. We will probably have Jack's second birthday party at home as well next spring. Marcus is fantastic about helping me prepare and finishing up unfinished home projects that just need a deadline :)

Georgia's request was a ballerina party so we did some ballerina d├ęcor and had everyone wear a costume and boys and girls alike were able to have fun!

The party was mostly outside but I kept the food inside for sake of simplicity for me. We haven't used our dining room much so it was nice to utilize this room of our home that serves more as a folding table instead of a dining space :)

We served pulled pork BBQ, sides, iced cookies, birthday cake and drinks. We like serving a full meal so everyone feels welcome to stay and enjoy the evening with us.

The dessert table with all things pretty and pink

Georgia's tutu cake made by Gina. So yummy and cute!

Sweet ballerina iced cookies were a favorite!

The dainty birthday girl so excited for her party and that all her friends were at her house!

It was the last weekend in October and she was able to wear a sleeveless leotard and a tutu. The temperature was 80 degrees at party time. I loved it!

Too busy for pictures, just wanting to go be with her friends

Sweet beauties Audrey, Georgia, Eliza and Cambell <3
While I took care of all things party-related, I kind of left Jack to fend for himself (everyone watched him of course) and so he sat down at the kid's table and drank everyone's juice box and ate off everyone's plates! We are strengthening that immune system.

Sweet friends Ella Kate and Jack loving on each other in the yard

And then cousin Marley grabbed Jack by the hand and they took off to see the neighbor's bunny ha! Precious!

She loved all her gifts, especially her easy back oven from Aunt Rhonda and Aunt Ash! So glad I captured this awesome expression.

All the party friends minus Chloe, Erica and Kypton who arrived later. I love the costume varieties (especially my nephew as Santa!!) and sweet friendships.

The party came to an end and we snapped a quick family picture on the front porch when I realized we hadn't taken one.

She had a wonderful party and just loved having her friends at her house. I think she is ready for some playdates.

Thanks to all our friends and family that attended and made this day extra special for her. She might be four going on fourteen but I'll always see her as my tiny baby girl standing on the front porch in her tutu and hairbow :) 

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