Sunday, October 30, 2016

Historical Halloween and Halloween traditions

Our week of constant activities is coming to an end and I'm trying to get everything documented so I don't fall too far behind.

Thursday night we had our annual homemade popcorn ball making party. All of Marcus's family get involved and it's a night we look forward to all season.

Taste testing to make sure there was just the right amount of molasses

We made 188 popcorn balls! I think we set a new family record.

Granddad and I were the "waders" or so he called it.

When we got home I made caramel apples for Georgia's Halloween party the next day. This was my first time and they weren't perfect but they turned out fine.
Friday was the most anticipated day of the year for AKK-the Halloween party! When I dropped off Georgia and Jack, Aunt Shanna was doing her makeup for her costume and all the kids were mesmerized by it ha!
After I dropped the kids off, I headed to MES to see the Historical Halloween parade that Marcus coordinated. All of his 5th graders picked a historical character that they researched and made a presentation on while being dressed as their character. I took this video at the end of it and my memory was full so I missed the last 10-15 students. I was so impressed with the costumes and accessories!! I'm so proud of my husband's passion for teaching and students.

Mr. Harrison and ALL his 5th graders

Then I received all the pictures from the AKK Halloween party.

They also celebrated Georgia's birthday on Friday and she made her monumental transfer to the four year old table. That is such a big deal to them and she was proud to be up with the big kids. 

AKK Halloween party 2016

Aunt Shanna as an ice cream cone and Georgia Grace as a 50's girl

Musical chairs

Ma the nurse and sister girl

Happy Halloween girls!

Georgia and Callyn playing pass the pumpkin

Dancing and making their skirts twirl

This weekend we celebrated Georgia's birthday and a post all about our special four year old is coming up next!

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