Thursday, October 6, 2016

Orange Beach-October 2016 part two

We're back from the beach and I feel like we can officially welcome fall and October now. It's hard for me to get in the fall spirit knowing I have a tropical beach trip coming up, but now give me all the pumpkins, PSLs, bonfires and sweatshirts. But first, a little recap of our week in paradise.

We went back to eat at one of our favorite places, Sea n Suds. Since we started coming to OBA last year, we have been here three times and it never disappoints.
There's a great ocean view and great food. It's a win win.
More happy moments captured in the ocean. I feel like my children's paparazzi :)
"Daddy, let's do cheerleader moves!"

My sweet babies that love the water and sand. Jack probably likes it too much because he has zero fear.
Our mermaid obsession continues with a sand mermaid tail of course. 

So much sand was thrown this week. So. Much.

They are in their happy place!

And they are happiest when they are together.
We at at The Hangout, another favorite of ours. She remembers this mermaid from our beach trip in June so another picture was necessary.

This picture of my mom and kids just blows me away. She is such a beauty and has aged so gracefully. She loves my babies so much and I'm so thankful for her and Stan and all their help this week.
The sun was setting quickly so we barely squeezed in a mother-daughter selfie :)

So the pictures of my mom was amazing and then it all went south when we tried a family picture ha! 

Georgia had already left to go race go-carts with the boys but this boy posed with the big hand for me.

I had my hands full at dinner trying to keep Jack happy and get all of mine and Georgia's food situated and out of no where she starts feeding him for me. She just has motherly instincts that are so strong. She loves him so much!

Some of our friends from back home joined us at The Hangout which is always a fun time!
"The boyfriend". She talks about him 1,494 times a day. They are four years apart in age so I know the day is coming that he doesn't think "dating" a preschooler is cool but we will just let them have their fun :) She is so funny!

Daddy and Georgia raced go-carts while Jack, me, Gammy and Gran Stan headed back to the condo. Daddy said she was wide eyed from start to finish but was really excited when she came back to tell us about it. 
Date night ended with ice cream. If these two marry as Kathrine and I have planned, we have plenty of pictures for the wedding slideshow :)
A beach trip in October means you pack your matching Jack-o-lantern jams!
The boys sipping coffee and milk on the balcony to start the day

Wide open all day every day. I love a lot of things about the resort we stay at but one thing in particular that's great is all the green space. The resort is one of the older ones in OBA so when it was built, land wasn't as scarce and expensive. There are lots of grassy areas and curved walkways with beautiful landscaping. When Jack would get tired of the beach, he could run in the grass and entertain himself. It's a great bonus with small kids.

I love a beach trip anytime or anywhere but the gulf coast in October is my favorite. Short(ish) drive, low crowds and perfect temps. Thankful for a little getaway with my family.

What other child would pack their bottle around like a football? Only Jack. #bottleuntilheistenprobably

Jack was napping, he doesn't care much for family pictures anyway ha!

Grandparents doting on grandkids like it's their job

My beach boys

Hunky husband and awesome daughter

These three complete me

She was so proud of her half seashell, half pistachio nut creations :)
We tried out The Wharf for the first time this trip and it is so impressive!

Of course we had to ride the Ferris wheel. I definitely want to go back in the day to see all the sights. 

Another amazing beach trip is in the books. We love to travel and take our kids with us so the beach is just the best destination for us. I have so many memories of our family beach trips when I was growing up and I want my kids to have the same experiences. 

Until next time, OBA. Now it's time to burn a fall candle and visit the pumpkin patch!

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