Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Our Favorite Week

The week leading up to Halloween is one of the busiest but best weeks of the year. There is so much excitement at our house for Halloween festivities, trick or treating, and Georgia's birthday. 
The fun week started on Monday with Jack-o-lantern carving at preschool. Georgia took a turn smelling and touching the pumpkin while she colored her rainbow owl. She is all about the whole color spectrum these days. Everything she colors looks like a rainbow :)
The AKK babies smelled, touched and carved their Jack-o-lantern. Could they be any cuter?!? I never want our preschool days to end!

Tuesday was dance night. Georgia's class dances in a private studio so I don't get to watch her and take many pictures but I snapped this one of her lining up to come out. She loves dance and her teacher Mrs. Ginny! She tells me all the time she wants to be Claira and a Rockette.

Wednesday afternoon we headed to the pumpkin patch. The weather was warm but that was totally fine with me since we didn't need jackets and blankets. I put the babies in this wagon and just pulled them around while they took in all the sights. Then we headed to the cider slide, hay maze and tractor play set. We pretty much had the place to ourselves since we went on a weekday and it was so much fun!

My sister and nephew met us there and we had a blast spending time together and letting the kids play. Bo was the best baby ever the whole time! He never made a peep. 

I enjoyed/savored every second with these two. This is probably our last fall we will spend with them in the states so I'm trying to make all the memories I can.

Pumpkin boy Jack

Pumpkin girl Georgia

She looks so old and mature these days. It's killing my mama heart.

My favorite pumpkins in the whole patch. We had apple cider slushes and homemade peach ice cream as rewards for being so well behaved. They were both so filthy by the time we left. Evidence of a well spent afternoon :)

All the kids plus Aunt Paige playing and swinging 
After we left the pumpkin patch we dashed home, grabbed our costumes and headed to church for our trunk or treat festivities. We debuted our Halloween costumes. Georgia found a picture of a 50's girl in a magazine and knew instantly that was the costume for her. Her great-grandmother made the skirt for her and her Ma assembled all the other pieces to look just like the picture in the magazine. She is one lucky little girl! Jack's costume was a last minute, express shipped kind of arrangement. We went back and forth on what he would be and finally decided a cowboy suited him best. His snake skin boots he wore are his Daddy's. #homemadehalloween

Mike Ingram snapped a professional quality picture of them at trunk or treat and I just love it! Both personalities were suited for their costumes.

And the fun week/weekend is just getting started! We've got a popcorn ball making party, AKK Halloween party, historical Halloween, a birthday party and a FOURTH BIRTHDAY! I don't know when I'll sleep or eat but it will be fun! :)

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