Monday, October 3, 2016

Orange Beach-October 2016 part one

It's fall break week for us and we are back at our home away from home. We started vacationing to Orange Beach last year and have been back three times since then because we love it so much. I like to go to different beaches but right now with small babies, familiarity and consistency seems to work best for us. 

We drove through the night as we have since we had Jack but he woke up before we arrived at the beach. We made a pit stop and he climbed in the front seat to drive. He is our high energy man!
When we get to our condo it's always a race to see who can get in their swimsuits the quickest! 
All SPFed up and ready for some fun in the sun!

Silly babies.

It's all about the accessories. Georgia wears her shades well, Jack not so much. 
Beach bosses

The first night Daddy, Gammy and Gran Stan went out for dinner while the babes and me stayed back at the condo. They were worn out and we didn't have the energy to get cleaned up so they brought dinner to us and picked up groceries. I think I got the best end of that deal.

I love the beach any time of the year but it doesn't get any better than the Gulf Coast in October. The temps are mild, the crowds are low and the condos are at least half the price you pay during the summer. It's my favorite time to go to the beach!
Our condo came with two storage bins full of toys for the beach. Jack picked out the John Deere tractor to take to the beach.

The pigeons were swarming ten minutes later since half of our snacks ended up in the sand. 
For supper we ate at one of our favorites-The Gulf. It's such a fun atmosphere and the kids are old enough now to enjoy the play area so it's a win-win for everyone.
Protective big sister

It was such a beautiful sunset
I'm so proud of how my kids can make friends anywhere we go. Georgia LOVES to play with other kids when we go places. She makes it a priority to wave at them and smile to start the friendship and before you know it she's running around with 2-3 kids we've never seen before. I'm thankful her days at preschool have helped develop her social skills. 
Riding the submarine at The Gulf.

More pictures and stories to come of the rest of our week. Hopefully it will go by slow and be filled with lots of memories.

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