Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekend Fun

It was a weekend full of fun. It looks like this will be the last hot weekend of the year so we spent a lot of time doing outdoor activities. 

Saturday started early for me so I could attend a cross country meet for some of my former runners. I love long distance running (although I don't do it anymore, maybe again someday) and love the kids that I use to coach. They had a great race and made me so proud, as always.   

I can't say enough good things about this girl. She is going to do big things someday in what ever direction the Lord sends her. Love you Hannah Banana! 

And then it was time for some football!
We went to the WKU vs. Vanderbilt game with our friends Steve, Kathrine, Will and Thomas (Georgia's "boyfriend"). It was Georgia and Jack's first college football game. Go Tops! This was also the first time a SEC team has come to play in Bowling Green so we definitely didn't want to miss this game.

Except we kind of did. It was a million degrees so Jack boy lasted about five minutes before he melted down and he and I sent the rest of the half in the concord in the shade. I've never been so hot at a football game. I stripped him down to just his jersey and diaper and let him run free. Georgia Grace Kathrine and Will didn't last much longer and joined us. The dads and Will came out to check on us at halftime and we just decided to catch the bus to our vehicles and go get some pizza. 

Kathrine did snap a picture of the happy couple before we called it quits. We had fun while it lasted! And it's a game we won't forget. I'm so glad they asked us to join them for a fun day with great friends.

Sunday we went to church and to mamaw's for lunch. Georgia looked super cute in her pretty dress but wasn't much for pictures. I did get a smile after I said "poopie" ;)

Keagen came home with us after church for a haircut. The barbershop was moved inside due to the heat so they cut hair in the entryway. When Marcus retires from education, he already has his second career lined up.

Jack napped and we played with dolls. She is a little mommy. She is also guilty of leaving every kitchen cabinet door open just like her own mommy. Daddy will be thrilled (his pet peeve) about this.

And then we blinked twice and it was Monday morning all over again. But it's one week and then vacation so it wasn't too hard of a Monday to get up for. It was actually chilly this morning so we pulled out the fall florals and wide leg ruffle jeans for the occasion. 

Friends, please say an extra prayer for my dear friend and colleague, Linda. She is the kitchen manager at one of our schools and after being hospitalized for a routine illness her condition has become critical and she is in a coma. We do not know what the future holds for her but we know who holds it and trust His plan for her. Her vitals were stable yesterday so we are hopeful she can pull through this. Please please pray.

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