Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

We officially said goodbye to summer this weekend. It was a great sendoff chalked full of activities and fun in the sun.

Marcus and I started the weekend a little early by catching WKU's home opener against Rice on Thursday night. They won big and it was a great atmosphere. My mom came over and watched the babes for us so we could have a little night out, thanks mom!

Friday I took a personal day and the kiddos and I enjoyed a beautiful day at home playing outside and getting into all kinds of mischief.

They played so well on this little swing set but Georgia has definitely outgrown it. It's a good thing she's getting an upgrade for her birthday :)

We took a little nature walk behind our house to Mr. King's pond. It was a blast at the time but I paid for it, my legs are eat up with deer tick bites! I'm a complete mess from my knees down. I'm praying they don't leave scars :(

Friday was hat day at Marcus's school and he and some of his students were trendsetters with their cowboy hats. He bought his hat when we went to Texas in July and he finally got to wear it.

Friday evening we went to our friend Caroline's birthday pool party. I didn't take one picture, too busy wrangling busy little swimmers, but we had a great time! Caroline is so sweet and she and Georgia played so well together.

Saturday was the first weekend for college football so we had fun keeping up with all the games. Unfortunately, UK started their season with a loss and the SEC as a whole didn't dominate like usual. It wasn't the way we wanted to kick off the season. Georgia Grace isn't into sports yet so the girls had an evening out which included grocery shopping and a movie. Such a sweet little grocery helper!

For the past three years, we have made it an annual tradition to go to one of the "Dinner and a Moo-vie" nights at Chaney's Dairy Barn. They project a kid-friendly movie on their barn at dusk and have ice cream for the kids. It's one of our favorite times of the summer! The best part? Georgia can wear her pjs :)

We waited until they played Minions because she had never seen the whole movie but she loves them! We had a blast.

Sunday was church and then the McCoy family reunion that afternoon. Georgia was playing with bubbles with our cousins when she slipped in her cowgirl boots and fell head first into gravel. She ended up with a bit through lip and skinned chin but she was tough and hasn't complained about it since it happened! It's healing well, we're keeping a bandaid on her chin but it should be well enough to go without in a day or two.

A popsicle and episode of Sofia the First always helps :)

Sunday afternoon we attended our cousin Lyndsey's surprise birthday party. They live in Tennessee but all their family is here so it was a big surprise for her! They had inflatables and lots of fun games. I told Jack only big boys that didn't take a bottle were allowed in the inflatables. #rulebreaker #bottleuntilheistenprobably

Labor Day was spent at the pool. Jack is very comfortable (too comfortable) in the water and has no fear so someone has to watch him like a hawk.

Popsicles all around

Sweet Bo joined us for poolside fun. Georgia and Jack are crazy about him! Jack kisses him ALL the time. And they sit like this for seriously 10 minutes. They definitely have a special bond.

"It was Labor Day weekend, he was seventeen {months}, didn't buy coke or gas but he did take a nap and went swimming"
#captionoftheyear #neatcoincidence

Is there anything more American than playing football in the nude on a golf course? Nope :)

Sunday evening we went to my Dad's for a cookout. It was definitely a full weekend with lots of time with family and friends. Now just a short work week stands between us and another fun weekend! Let's do this!

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