Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Back On Track

A little unplanned bloggy break and really for no reason at all. I don't like this trend I have developed lately and I'm making it a priority to fit blogging into my weekly routine! Our lives are too full and fun to not document it to enjoy for years to come. Here's to creating a routine...and sticking to it :)

Another year of dance has started for our tiny ballerina. This year we are trying out a new studio and she is in the "dance school" class where she is learning ballet and tap. She loves it so far. She calls her tap shoes her "high heels" HA! She has a few friends in her class and will make new friends which is always a good thing. 

Her friend Gracyn put her arm around her to make her feel welcome to the new class :) We started her a few weeks late so the first week she was the only one without the matching purple leo but it didn't bother her one bit. The only thing she said was "Mama I didn't have any high heels". She's got them now! She is the smallest and youngest one in her class and her teacher told me that during the first class some of the other girls were treating her like a baby and one even pinched her cheeks, she told me once she proves she can hold her own they won't do that. So funny.

It's a good thing that Ma's dollhouse is sturdy. The life of a baby brother.
On Sunday afternoon we decided it was a good day for some facials. This is Georgia's love language. I have a forever makeup/shopping/baking buddy. 

This week was a big week for me on the job as we launched a new smoothie program district-wide. As I mentioned last month, we received a grant through the USDA, NFL and NDC for this program and after purchasing all the equipment and getting all our ducks in a roll, it was go time! The smoothies were a big success. We ran out at both elementary schools and served breakfast to several BCMS and BCHS students that don't normally eat with us. I'm very pleased with the launch and hope it continues to increase our school breakfast participation.

The four year anniversary of losing Papaw was this week. We miss him everyday but I'm proud his legacy lives on through Georgia, Jack (his twin) and Bo. See you in heaven, Papaw. 

Best friends. We have entered the stage where they realize they have a built-in playmate. I found them in our closet playing together today. The best big sister and little brother.

She's made of sugar and gumdrops and lollipops y'all.

We have a fun weekend on tap and I'll be sure to schedule time to share about it! Have a fabulous weekend friends! 

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