Monday, October 10, 2016

A Big Weekend Documented

It's the Monday after a week break and both babies were asleep before 7. I plan to go to bed early tonight too. You're suppose to come back from a break well rested, right?? Ha!

We returned from the beach and since it is already October, let the birthday celebrations begin! Her gift from her aunt and uncle is her first trip to the American Girl store to pick out her first doll. She has been looking forward to this so much!

She already knew exactly what doll she wanted which helped her to not get overwhelmed with all the choices. I think she was mesmerized by it all.

The cutest baby girl in all the land

Proud new mommy! She chose Lea. Now I need to get my AG dolls out of my mom's attic so we can play together!

They capped their fun night off with dinner at the Rainforest Café. She was a little unsure of all the sounds and animals at first but by the end she loved it. Uncle Jack is a trooper. He left the next day for South Carolina for storm duty but still made the trip to escort the girls around Nashville. He's the best!

Two beauties that love each other very much. Thanks Shanna and Jake for making Georgia feel so special and loved!

Saturday was gameday in the bluegrass. Being a Kentucky fan during football season can be trying but we take the good with the bad. They beat Vandy so we were happy! Hopefully we just keep improving as the season goes on.

Our cousin Keagen and some of Marcus's 5th grade boys played in the Bear Bowl football tournament this weekend so we went to a few games to support. Georgia had fun in the stands with her girlfriends Erica and Ava.

Lea made her first trip to church on Sunday. Two peas in a pod!

We have the best pediatrician! And best pediatric staff, I'm so thankful for those folks. Even though I no longer work in the town his office is in, we gladly make the trip just to see them. At 18 months, Jack is 60th percentile for weight (25 lbs) and 98th percentile height/head circumference (34 1/2", 50 cm). They are all positive he will be tall. He was calm and let Dr. Lee examine him with no tears (big improvement!). He's perfect and developing just like he should be. Praise God for a wonderful report!

*This is actually Jack's happy face for a trip to the doctor ha! You don't want to see his sad face.
For the past few weeks, I have been completely distraught about the health of one of my kitchen managers. She was hospitalized three weeks ago and last Thursday she went home to be with the Lord. I am simply heartbroken. She was the perfect employee, loving mom/grandma, and just a wonderful, Christian lady. To have worked with this wonderful woman for the past two years is what I consider a gift. We will forever miss her on this side of heaven. Please pray for her precious family during this most difficult time. I'm heartbroken to say goodbye to a wonderful kitchen manager and more importantly, my friend.

We are still grieving her loss as we show our final respects tomorrow. Today, several students at the school she worked at wrote thoughtful cards and notes to the kitchen staff. There are some wonderful parents out there that are raising their children the right way.

Georgia helped on the farm while Uncle Jake is gone. She is a well-rounded girl!

I'm biased but I think she's the cutest farm hand ever :)

They took a little photo shoot while they were on the farm. She didn't mind one bit!

Fall is here and we are enjoying ourselves. We're planning a 4th birthday party, making plans to head to the pumpkin patch and enjoying evenings around the firepit that Marcus built over the weekend. I'm already freezing but Marcus loves this weather so I just bundle up for him :)

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