Sunday, October 23, 2016

Indian Summer So They Say

Lots of pictures and memories to document from this past week/weekend. I never want to take a day for granted in this life. Each day is a gift and I feel burdened more than ever to live each day to its fullest and live in the moment. I'm challenging myself to do a better job of that.

Tuesday night is dance night. We are still trying to get into this routine so we have been eating out for supper on our way home but after this week I promised that I would start crock pot meals. It was past bedtime and they were 

Our tiny dancer fell asleep on the way home. Bless it, Tuesday nights get her every week.

They have cute matching Halloween pajamas but sibling pictures are just a no-go these days. Posed pictures are overrated anyway.

On Friday, my very best friend from when I worked at TLRMC retired after 45 years! She was my work mom and now I call her "Aunt Marian" to my kids. She is so deserving of this retirement and I couldn't be happier for her. She posted on Facebook today that she had official changed her alarm and there was a screenshot of her iPhone with her weekday alarm switched to off. How awesome is that? Love you Aunt Marian! Enjoy every moment of this time.

Saturday my Mom and Stan took Georgia Grace to a Cinderella play by the WKU Theater Department. She had a great time and thought Prince Charming looked like Uncle Eric :) She loves dance and music and acting. Maybe she will be our Broadway start someday! She told me the other day she wanted to grow up and be a Rockette.

Saturday night we were invited to the annual McKinney hayride. Last year Jack was just a baby so Marcus stayed home with him while I took Georgia so it was nice that we all for went this year. Also, they have the neatest play set. I have play set envy if there is such a thing. It's awesome and the kids had a blast. Now if only we can find one for us. We've been looking for weeks/months and it just hasn't happened yet, I'm trying to be patient and positive.
The whole gang ready for a hayride through Woodbury. It was a perfect fall night with beautiful countryside.
Sunday before church I snapped a few pictures of sister girl on the front porch. She's the prettiest pumpkin in the patch.
Her Mamaw brought her and Jack baby pumpkins and she was telling hers a big story I do believe :)
After church, we went to Grams to eat our lunch. She has a little table and chairs set up for them in her laundry room where they eat their meals sometimes. I thought they looked adorable sitting in there with the Halloween tablecloth and their pumpkin outfits.

After lunch we came home and while the babies napped Marcus and I started our back porch facelift project. We have underutilized our back porch since we moved here almost two years ago. I gave it a good scrubbing on Saturday and we started painting it today.

We are painting the floor Cape Cod Gray and the railings white. I think this space has a lot of potential and I'm excited to make it ours.

Jack was the first up from his nap and he woke up saying "mower mower mower". Marcus had just mowed yesterday but he pulled it out of the garage and took him for a ride. My papaw would be so proud of this picture.
Marcus built a fire pit a couple weeks ago and Jack was helping get the wood. Marcus loves fall. Between the cooler temps and his new firepit I can't keep him inside.

I tried to get a few pictures of brother bear but he wasn't really having it. He's my adorable yet solemn pumpkin.

His longall was more like a Shortall on him so we threw on our boots and wore it anyway! #tallboyproblems

They say this is an Indian Summer which is why we have had such a mild fall so far which I am absolutely loving. The cold weather is brutal to this cold natured girl so I will take 70 degree days as long as I can! We are still playing outside everyday and have only needed a jacket a few times. This week looks like another perfect one. Happy fall y'all!

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