Wednesday, December 21, 2016


I'm kicking myself for letting so much time pass because we have been busy and there's lots to document.

Jack loves his new Little Blue Truck Christmas book. Those books are his favorite because they have a cow and a horse in every book. He's oooohhhing at the lit up tree at the end.

Loves upon loves upon loves all the days <3

AKK Christmas party 2016
I felt like she looked so big this morning. She took me down to the preschool area so we could see the nativity wall and all the ornaments they had made to decorate their tree.

The nativity wall. She colored Mary for the wall and was so proud of that.

The sweetest babies in all the land excited for Christmas!

Last Friday was also special because it was my Mom's last official day of work. She is officially retired! She for sure doesn't look old enough to be retired, especially since everyone thinks she is my sister :)  

They had a special retirement lunch for her that I was able to attend. Her school sure loves her and she equally loves them. They had a sweet tribute to her called "Stacha-isms". She's looking forward to no alarm clock, traveling and keeping her grandbabies more.

Friday night we had some friends over for a Christmas party. I didn't take hardly any pictures which I think is a sign of how much fun we had. We ended the night with Pictionary.

Men vs. women. It was a lot of fun and we will definitely do it again.

We stayed home Saturday and got into a lot of mischief. Jack boy landed his first shiner, just in time for Christmas :) I actually think it will be gone by then though.

Makes him look tough doesn't it with his footed jammies and milk bottle? :)

This is the kind of mischief I'm talking about. Ripping the staircases out of sister's dollhouse.

Saturday night our friend Heather came over and made Christmas cookies with us! This has become an annual tradition that we all enjoy so much. No one can tell a story like Heather. We love her!

Sunday morning snaps in front of the Christmas tree. I've learned that when I ask them to hold hands Jack will pause for a few seconds for a picture. Not much of a smile but at least he's not blurred.

Daddy, Georgia and Jack-my loves

Sunday night we went to Auntie's for some Christmas candy making. The kitchen was full so this group plopped down in the floor to do theirs :) Georgia is always the leader when it comes to kitchen activities.

Me asking Georgia for a picture: "I can't mom, I don't have time!" HA!

They smile for pictures with everyone except me. Santa boy wasn't happy because I swiped him from opening the gifts he had already started on.

Monday was our day to go to Santa! They were dressed in their Sunday best and ready to go.

Santa 2016
A mixed review but we escaped without a complete meltdown. Georgia asked for a Barbie Dreamhouse (a very late request I might add-we will visit earlier next year) and Jack wants a lawnmower (he has two already). I have faith Santa will pull it off though!

Poor, pitiful boy. He just wasn't sure about him.

But by the end of the visit, Jack had warmed up to him and all was fine. The candy cane bribery definitely helped.

Sweet girl received a hug from Santa and it melted my heart completely.

All of our family Christmases officially start tonight. They are spread out which is nice. I haven't kept wrapped gifts under the tree this year in fear you know who would get into them so in turn I have procrastinated wrapping. I barricade myself in our "Christmas room" and wrap every night. I feel behind this year on things but I know that's not what it's all about and I'm trying to just focus on the memories and not the stuff. 

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