Thursday, December 29, 2016

Gram's Christmas

We always eat Christmas Eve breakfast at Grandmomma's house and then open presents and stockings. One of Granddad's gifts from Grandmomma was a train to go around their tree. He had one as a boy and loved it, I thought it was such a thoughtful gift! Jack loved it. He rarely sits still for anything but this was an exception. 

Uncle Jake decided to be the professional photographer for the event and took some very flattering pictures of all of us. I made a collage of the best ones. I think he should totally quit his day job. 

Grandmomma finished Georgia's Clara costume and gifted her a new nutcracker. She was dancing around the tree just like this :) 

We had dinner at Grams on Christmas "Adam" and Georgia helped in the kitchen of course. She never misses an opportunity to be domestic. 

Grandmomma made Georgia a winter coat, hat and muff. I captured a sweet embrace after she tried it all on. 

Georgia helping fix breakfast. She is an expert biscuit maker! 

Granddad opening his train set from Gram. Love that smile!

Jack with his new dozer! He helped push everyone's gifts to them. 

Getting up the train set with Granddad and Aunt Shanna.

We gifted the grandmas and great-grandmas with silhouettes of the kids. I think they were a big hit.

When she's wearing her costume, we all have to call her Clara :)

Playing with his new puppy dog toy. 

Uncle Craig and Jack playing together  

Daddy and Jack enjoying the train set 

I'm trying to get all of Christmas wrapped up so I can start 2017 fresh! We've made so many memories in the past few weeks that I want to document to remember forever.

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