Thursday, December 8, 2016

Weekly Update

Have I mentioned that we have all been sick lately but staggered it nicely so that someone has been sick for eternity? Well the saga continues, Marcus is down with tonsillitis now. He feels like absolute crap. He had a rocephin shot and is on an antibiotic and is going back to the doctor today for another shot. He has missed three days of school and I'm sure his students think he's ran away because he rarely misses. Please let us have all of this behind us before Christmas!

I'm enjoying my Christmas view after everyone else is tucked in bed and the house is still at night. I've been replacing my nightly television with reading. Right now I'm about half way through the Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. I love to read and I'm making an effort to make time for it again.

I received this picture from AKK this week. They make it a priority to teach them the real reason for the season before they do Santa stuff. This melts my heart.

Jack's top five words right now (in order by frequency of use)-
5. Ba ba
4. Cow
3. Dorda (Georgia)
2. Mower
1. Poop
We're raising a gentleman.

Wednesday was Pearl Harbor day and it made me reminisce about our honeymoon in O'ahu, Hawaii (6 1/2 years ago!). Visiting Pearl Harbor was one of our favorite experiences on the island. I'm ready to go back!

Last night I recorded our North Pole Communicator call. I had no idea it would be Santa that answered on this night and I captured a perfect video of her excitement for Christmas this year. It's family videos gold! :) Before she knows it's Santa he asked her to introduce herself, she asks me "how do I introduce myself mama?". The cutest video ever. It's going to be a very fun Christmas morning this year.

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