Monday, January 9, 2017

Extra Christmas

This post encompasses all the Christmas-related pictures that didn't find their way into another Christmas post but are still worthy of our digital scrapbook.  
Christmas card 2016
We had Georgia and Jack's silhouettes drawn as gifts for the grandmas and decided to make our cards with them this year. I liked changing it up a big from the traditional picture. And I am so happy with how their silhouettes turned out. Tim Arnold (The Silhouette Man) came to Chirp Boutique in Bowling Green and it only took about 10 minutes per child. I would recommend him!
Jack dancing with the dancing Santa. This was one of the first times he saw him and he was still a little unsure about him. He loved him by the end of the season.

A watercolor picture of our living room all decorated for Christmas with sweet baby Jack crawling to the tree. It's nice to "have my house back" from all the clutter of Christmas dĂ©cor but I wouldn't trade the clutter during December for anything.
I took this picture of our dining room the night we had our Christmas party for friends. The lighting outside was just perfect, it was almost a purple color.

Jack boy climbing the steps in his flap jammies that are my favorite ever. They are just solid red so we are wearing them all winter!

Sweet cousins Jack and Noah giving each other kisses at a family Christmas at Auntie's house. These boys are just a few months apart and had a big time playing together.

Jack eating a Christmas dinner in his booster seat on the floor. He is so busy and rambunctious at the table I just decided to keep it on the floor to prevent any falls. He didn't mind.

Another cousin Christmas picture, another picture that Jack is completely annoyed with :)

Christmas at Mamaw and Papaw Embry's -they opened first and then played with their new things while the rest of us opened.

He loves his Keagie so much!

Brother bear and his new tractor from Santa. The only non-blurred picture of him from Christmas :)

Jack is absolutely crazy about moo-moo cows so my Dad and Deanna found a cow shirt for him that he LOVES.

Sister girl now has both the life size Frozen dolls! So happy!

Father and son wrestling on the floor after all the Christmas gifts were open at Grandmomma's. They sure love each other.

I think that's the last of Christmas 2016. It was a wonderful holiday season filled with memories, fun activities, tradition and reflection on what the season is all about. Georgia singing "Away In A Manger" on Christmas day was a highlight for me. Her Sunday School teacher Mrs. Jan told Marcus and I that she knew every part of the Christmas story in detail and she was very impressed. If nothing else happened over the past month besides that, it would still be a perfect Christmas.

Now, on to 2017!

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