Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I'm going to try to recap the last ten days in one post. It hasn't been too eventful as we've settled into the slowdown that occurs following the holidays. This slowdown is always much needed and anticipated. We've had some fun with a few snow days sprinkled in to make it even a little more fun. Here is what our January has looked like so far-

"Get me off of this slickery stuff"-Georgia's famous words that will live in infamy after her first experience with ice skating. She was not a fan.

I made her make one lap around the rink and she still wasn't having it. It was pretty funny actually, and it's ok that she didn't care for it. She's not going to enjoy everything that we do. But no point trying to fake it, she owned her disapproval :)

"Georgia, we are going home now" That evoked a smile :) Even though she disliked ice skating, I love having an outdoor rink in our area. This was the first year for the SOKY rink and I think it had a ton of success so maybe we will try again next year?!?

My boss turned fifty on January 2nd and we celebrated him by throwing a 50's themed birthday party at the office. He reminded me that I have a significant birthday coming up this year and that paybacks are rough sometimes. 

Some of us dressed like we were from the Grease set. It was a fun work day! I'm so thankful for Mr. Howard and all the opportunities he has given me. 

My mom officially started her retirement and her first day she kept sweet Jack boy. She is going to keep him one day a week for us. He was a good boy and loved having a new house to tear down, eh, explore! :)

They are going to go to story hour at the library. He enjoyed his first time.

I took Georgia for a dentist appointment. She got a perfect report! We love Mrs. AImee and Dr. Daniel, they take such good care of us. I'm so proud of the way Georgia can interact with adults. She makes me so proud!

Tending to the farm before he turns in for the night. 

Her first sewing machine. This was a Christmas gift from Marcus and me. I felt like she was at the perfect age to really enjoy this and not mind that there was really no thread. This little machine is so cool. It uses a real needle (with a guard) and punctures the material so rapidly that it actually binds it together. You have to use felt material. It's just the neatest thing. The first night we tried it we finished two projects before bedtime. 

Last bottle picture. Jack has been bottle-less for four days now, he is officially weaned!! If you know Jack at all, you know how attached he was to his ba ba. It was his comfort, his lifeline (so he thought), his best friend. We put off taking it away probably longer than we should have but I've been so proud of him. There have been the fair share of tears and fits but each day he asks less and less and he is now eating us out of the house and home. 

To the man who made sure we played family board games on first dates-Happy Birthday, Dad! :) (And to all the old boyfriends that endured it, appreciate y'all too). He enjoyed his birthday nights with plain cheese pizza (we went to Blaze where the toppings are endless!) and yellow cake for dessert. He's a square but I love him.

The first day without the bottle was the worst day of his life but we all survived and we've moved on to better days! He's coming around to the idea of his ba ba being replaced by a sippy. Proud of him and proud of us for sticking to our guns.

Smile, chubby! That's her new nickname for him. 

Sunday snaps. We were ready to brave the single digit weather to head to church (after putting on heavy coats and hats of course).

I dropped Jack off at Gammy's this morning and he was stroking his face with the sippy spout! Poor baby, he sure misses his bottle nipples HA! 

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