Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week Recap

Life is pretty mundane right now as we've settled back into a school routine and have a light winter schedule. I keep hoping we will get one big snow. The last three winters have really spoiled us and I just need one good snow then I'll be ready for spring. 

On Friday, Donald Trump was inaugurated officially becoming the 45th president of our country. Marcus was able to let the whole fifth grade class watch the inauguration at school. It's a crazy world that gets crazier everyday. I pray that our new president can lead our country in the right direction.

And no matter your political views, how can you not be completely swooned by Barron Trump? Between him almost falling asleep during President Trump's acceptance speech and playing peek-a-boo while his Dad signed executive orders, I'm excited to watch this boy grow up in the White House. 

Sassy pants took her first shower Thursday night. She's four going on fourteen. Somebody hold me!

Georgia and I attended her OWL Academy class on Friday. The theme this week was "Snow Much Fun" and they had lots of fun learning activities including making letters and drawing shapes in shaving cream.

Sister making a G for Georgia. We love OWL Academy!

Friday night the kids and I went to the homecoming game to watch our cousin Brennan play. This is the only picture I took because I was mostly busy wrangling one of them. This boy spent time with nearly everybody in the gym before the game was over. I'm thankful for my friends and family that helped me with them. And the Bears won in a last second shot! However Jack had already decided he was done so we listened to it in the car instead of witnessing it but who's keeping up :)

Saturday was fun. I found lots of things in the toilet over the course of the weekend, including his church shoes on Sunday morning.

He loves wearing Georgia's headbands.

Georgia wanted to play with play dough and created President Trump's "speech stage". I think you can tell we talked a little politics over the weekend.

Daddy went hunting Saturday so after we ran out of things to do inside we headed outside to play on our new playhouse since it was a very warm January day. We have a family bet going on how soon Jack will have a broken arm.

Sunday morning snaps. I don't have a lot of high quality pictures of Jack and every time I pull out my camera I am reminded why :) He is just too busy for pictures right now. Oh well, a little blur just adds some character.

Georgia made this during children's church. Her three blessings were mommy and daddy, Jack and Aunt Kay's. I love her heart.

And happy eighteenth birthday to our "Baby Bieber". It doesn't seem possible that he's officially an adult. We love you, Bren! 

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