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2016 In Review

These are my favorite posts. I get to relive the months all over again and share our highlight reel for the year. 2016 was full of travel which is one of our favorite things. We also made time for lots of outdoor activities and also just simple time at home.

We kicked 2016 off quietly at home respecting bedtimes with the babies and ordering takeout. Fancy dinners and such is nice but this is pretty great too.

Georgia Grace started dance class! She was so excited and her excitement continued throughout the year. She is a true dancer.

I finally finished our playroom and took a picture of it the one time it was completely clean. It hasn't looked like this since that day but I have proof that it once did.

We had a heck of a winter. Two large snows (15" and 18") came through Kentucky and we were snowed in several days. Santa brought a sleigh. Perfect timing big guy!

Valentine's Day 2016
A fun breakfast full of love. Daddy read a card to the babies, I love Georgia's expression :)

We went out for Valentine's Day. Date nights are few and far between, this was a nice change of pace for us.

Santa brought Daddy and Georgia Grace tickets to Peppa Pig Live in Nashville. They had a fun night together. I think Daddy was hit on by a few moms but I don't blame them :)

More snow. We were snowed in three days for this one. I didn't mind it.

Easter came early this year and the Easter bunny had to make two deliveries this time!


We had Easter pictures made with a real lamb! She was pretty upset when she realized Snow White wasn't coming home with us.

Jack took his first steps! He wouldn't officially start walking until May but he started the process.

The busiest month of the year for us started with a trip to Disney World! This was our first time taking the babies to WDW.

We met and ate with lots of characters, experienced three different parks, stayed at a Disney resort and pretty much ran ourselves until exhaustion.

Sister was transformed into a princess at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique


Our friends planned their Disney trip the same week as ours, it was nice enjoying vacation with them and having a few extra pairs of hands!

Sister girl met Prince Charming and melted :)

I turned 29 at Animal Kingdom. A pretty awesome way to celebrate my last birthday in my 20's.

We got home from the happiest place on earth and celebrated Jack boy's first birthday with a "The Tale of Jack's First Year" theme.

We had a house full of friends and family to celebrate our boy. It was a perfect day!

Rachel and I went to the Country Living Fair in Nashville and met the Editor-in-Chief Rachel Barrett

Daddy killed his first Turkey! He killed it with his great-grandfather's gun which made it extra special.


We said goodbye to preschool for the year and hello to summer!

Georgia performed in her first ever dance recital. Let me tell you she put on a show!

Big girl bed time! Excited was an understatement.

We celebrated six years of marital bliss. Thank you for giving me your last name and your whole heart.

We celebrated Mother's Day with my Mamaw, Mom and my sister who was a soon-to-be mommy.

Georgia and Jack helped plant Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna's garden.

Father's Day, they will never know how blessed they are to have him as their Dad. 

We spent a week in Orange Beach, Alabama-our favorite beach town.

Jack had all the girls looking

They love the beach just as much as we do!

VBS-Submerged at ABC


We spent a lot of days at Gammy's pool
I finally got around to having Jack's one year pictures made. It was the hottest day ever but Julia captured some precious ones.

We spent our Fourth holiday at the Catfish Festival (our county fair) square dancing, riding the Ferris wheel and watching fireworks.

On July 6th I became an aunt to Boaz Bailey Salmons! I was in the room when he entered this world and took his first breath. I am forever indebted to my sister for letting me experience such a miracle. 

The cousins meeting for the first time. Love at first sight.

Marcus's ten year class reunion. We both have those behind us for a while.

Mommy, Daddy and Georgia headed to San Antonio for School Nutrition ANC 

Some of the ladies that I work with made the trip with us. They were so much fun!

Exploring the city with our little traveler

We loved San Antonio. Such a great city with so much to offer. We sure missed brother though and couldn't wait to return to him.

We attended our first minor league baseball game. It went well.

Jack received his first offiicial hair cut at a barber shop. That also went well :) (He has done much better with haircuts since the first one)

We celebrated Marcus's 28th birthday at the lake with our friends. So much fun!


I said goodbye to my little Honda and hello to a Tahoe! 

AKK Preschool began and our big girl was excited for another year of academics with her friends

Marcus began his seventh year of teaching-5th grade Social Studies

We attended our first college football game as a family with friends Steve, Kathrine and their boys. We all about melted but had fun anyway!


Georgia started back to dance at a new studio where she's learning ballet and tap. Her class is called "Dance School" and she is the youngest in her class but Mrs. Martha placed her in the class for her maturity and poise.

We had a girls night and enjoyed "Dinner and a Moo-vie", one of our favorite summer traditions.


We headed back to OBA for Fall Break. October is our favorite time to visit the Panhandle.

Kind of a family picture flop, kind of a real life family :)

Georgia Grace went to the American Girl store with Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna as an early birthday gift to pick out her first AG doll, Lea.

My friends and I went to Glendale Days. It was my first time and I loved it! I hope we can make it an annual tradition.

We headed to the pumpkin patch (Jackson's Orchard) with Paige and Bo. A sweet day I will savor.

We celebrated Georgia Grace's fourth birthday with a costume party at home, It was the warmest October day I can remember so we ate outside and took a hayride sans jackets and quilts!

Sweet friends celebrating with the birthday girl

Our four year old. Not sure how we got here so quick but thankful for every memory along the way.

Halloween-my cowboy and 50's girl


One of my best friends had her baby boy Ben on November 3rd. I was at the hospital when he arrived and I can't explain the excitement I had when I heard them say he was here while I eavesdropped at the door :) Congrats Ash and James! 

We snagged this steal of a deal on Craigslist as a late birthday gift for Georgia and an early birthday gift for Jack. It took four men one full Sunday to haul it home. We can't wait to use it more in the spring!

We attended the airing of the CMA Country Christmas at the Grand Ole Opry

Thanksgiving 2016 with our two turkeys

We hosted Marcus's family for Thanksgiving this year. This is a tradition that we started last year that we hope to continue for many years to come.

Most people wouldn't consider the release of a new series of a TV show as highlight worthy but it is for this diehard Gilmore Girls fan. My feelings were mixed about the new chapter and there better be a second chapter after that cliffhanger!

We were sick the whole month of November as well. We staggered it so someone was down constantly. That's not a highlight either but was so encompassing it deserves to be noted.


A new hairdo for sister was how we started the month of December. I love the bob cut on her! 

We took Georgia to Nashville's Nutcracker performance. She wants to be Clara when she grows up.

Santa 2016
A mixed review but we escaped without a complete meltdown. Georgia asked for a Barbie Dreamhouse and Jack wanted a lawnmower :)

My Mom retired from 27 years as a high school business teacher. She already has her mornings planned for Bible reading and trips booked for traveling. I think she will thoroughly enjoy retirement.

We baked cookies for Santa with Paige and Bo.

Annual family Christmas picture. Jack is picking his nose and Georgia has messy hair but we're all happy and healthy and God is good.

Aunt Kait and Bo. This is his first Christmas and his last one in the states unless I keep him forever #imgoingtotry

2016 all wrapped up in a neat little collage bow.

I'm thankful for a year of health, travel, milestones and growth. I move on to 2017 a little intimidated but I have faith it's going to be year of faith and purpose. 

Thank you 2016 for all the memories. Our story wouldn't be complete without you :)

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