Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Check In and Check Up

Shew y'all, I just can't seem to get in the blog routine this month. It seems like I have a lot of fires burning right now and the blog just seems to be last on the list. Maybe I will do better this week, but no promises.

I took Jack for his 9 (well, 9 3/4 month) month checkup last week. He was 19 lb 4 oz (40th percentile), 32 inches (off the charts!) and 48 cm head circumference (95th percentile) with a clean bill of health! He will use that noggin to do big things someday. A big, strong boy is what I prayed for and I'm thankful for two healthy children that I don't take for granted.

He sure was a happy boy during his appointment. He received his second flu shot and just cried about 5 seconds and was fine. He had all the nurses swooning over him. Such the ladies man!
Best mail day ever! Aren't the family shirts great? Marcus passed on getting one but let us put his name on it ha! All of it came from Etsy shops and the shirts were just $10 each!
Thursday I spent my first night away from Jack and just one of few nights away from Georgia to attend a work conference. I FaceTimed them and got to hear bathtub splashes and new ballet class vocabulary :)  They are the reason I do what I do. I'm thankful for a sweet hubby that makes it work for me to be away when I have to be. I am a blessed girl!

Santa brought Georgia two Peppa Pig Live tickets in her stocking so her and Daddy went to see the show Friday night. Mommy really wanted to but Daddy did too and since I would be driving back from Lexington that day, he got to take her. It sounded like they had a fun time and even did valet parking and ate at Cracker Barrel! A true night out on the town :)
Her favorite way to pose for pictures right now. So lady like! :)
Saturday night Marcus wanted to go eat at Moonlite BBQ so we loaded up and went after he came in from hunting. Jack ate almost a whole plate of vegetables himself! He already eats as much as Georgia.

Sunday was Super Bowl and usually we spend that day gearing up for the big game and festivities. Instead, we attended the funeral of a member of our church family that lost his battle with pancreatic cancer last week. This is what I posted on his wife's facebook page:
When I think of Boyce Flener, I remember middle school days riding in the Crossmen bus to celebrate Amanda's birthday, Aberdeen Christmas caroling (he led us of course!), Desperado, Dixieland at the Catfish Festival and countless other memories. I am forever grateful for having known him and grown up with him as a mentor at Aberdeen Baptist Church. It is our loss and Heaven's abundant gain! Praying so earnestly for all the lives that he has touched. And thank you, Kimberly, for being the best example of a wife. You inspire me more than you will ever know.❤️

It was a funeral (titled "The Grand Finale" which was absolutely appropriate for him) like none I have ever attended and I know without a doubt he has joined the angel choir in Heaven.

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