Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love Week

The week of love. And also the week of snow. We have had more snow days than work days and we've made the most of it. February is kind of a blah month but the holiday of love is a little something for us to look forward to.
Sister went with Daddy to work at his school one snow day. She colored and read books and helped clean up a few messes. Her school days will be here way too soon.

 All I can hear is Waylong singing "Mammas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys"
This sums up my child during ballet class. We are just lettingher express herself and hoping the cooperation comes in time. She might be a little hard headed but I know for a fact she's a lot of personality! I love her spunky side. 
Georgia's preschool Valentine's party was scheduled for Friday and she signed up for us to bring cupcakes. Of course that meant she would help make them because she is my domestic soul. And she's actually a good cook with a steady hand and a good stirring technique.

Sprinkles make everything better so of course we added them to the cupcakes!

The finished product. Don't you love her finger choice? ;) She was very proud of them. Mommy iced and Georgia sprinkled.

I just love this picture. The whole process took four hours from start to finish but I wouldn't trade having her in the kitchen with me for anything. This is something that makes her the happiest and I'm honored to get to share it with her.

This was Friday morning and sums up most mornings for us. Jack is a mommy's boy and a stage five clinger. He goes everywhere with me when we are home. Bathroom trips included :)

We celebrated Valentine's Day on Friday night. My mom offered to come to the house to keep the babes while we headed out for dinner. We had the best food in southern Kentucky-Federal Grove. We don't go out much but when we do, we make it count. We even ordered dessert (bumbleberry cobbler)-I think it was the first time ever. I'm thankful for my Valentine that knows me so well.

What a spread. Everything is top notch too! The fried chicken is our absolute favorite though.

The cobbler was equally amazing.

Just a typical Saturday during the winter months when we are cooped up inside tearing the house down.

Saturday was a good day to be a Kentucky boy. Hopefully our Cats are peaking at the right time.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day but snow is in the forecast starting in the morning so we will see if we make it to church. If not, a cozy day at home with my three valentines sounds like second best.

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