Thursday, February 18, 2016

Double Everything

It's currently 12:30 am and I am between loads of vomit-y laundry and just waiting for the next round of sickness to hit. Georgia has caught the stomach bug that Jack had on Tuesday and so our sickness cycle is starting new again tonight.

Please send up a few little prayers for her. And maybe a few for mommy.

The good thing is Jack's stomach bug ran its course in about 36 hours so hopefully hers won't linger too long either.

I am so anxious when my babies are sick. I feel the most unqualified as a mother on sick days. They expose a whole other layer of vulnerability that puts me on edge until it all passes.

I've learned after ten months with two babies that it is double everything-double blessings, double love, double laughter and double sick germs!  But even on the grossest days, I wouldn't trade a minute of this. You take the bad with the good.

I wanted to share a few pictures of our week so far. It started out much prettier than it is ending.

Sunday morning I prepared a pancake breakfast for my three Valentine's. Daddy was reading Georgia's card we gave her and this was the face she made. I think it made her feel special. If she only knew just how special she was to us!

After breakfast we decided to get ready and head to church despite snow being in the forecast for the day. It wasn't snowing very much yet and we thought we would have plenty of time to get back home before things became dicey.

We were wrong. In about a three hour timespan, we had six inches of snow! We couldn't get home in our RX300 so we hitched a ride from my Dad. Back to living the snowed in life for a few days. It was such a beautiful snow.

When you get a little stir crazy and you get tired of your toys, you ransack the pantry while mommy cooks supper. It still pretty much looks this way by the way. #justshutthedoor

Georgia used one of our snow days to draw a pretty picture for her Compassion "brother" Fitsum. We started sponsoring him as a Valentine's gift two years ago. He is seven years old, lives in Ethiopia and has the opportunity to go to school now! His little life has blessed us in so many ways.

Jack's first birthday party planning has begun. I love the theme so so much. I just can't think of a better way to celebrate a spring baby boy born.

I just want to pick this up and move it to our venue (and modify it from shower to birthday). The ideas for this theme are endless!

A very familiar scene for us this winter. We thought the snow was over but an unexpected snow cloud dropped another inch on us Tuesday evening so it was another snow day for us on Wednesday. It has been a cra-zay winter.

Our snow day worked out to be a blessing for me as we have had a sick little boy. At first we thought it was just something new that we had fed him but it turned out to be a little stomach bug, that eventually was passed on to sister. Thank goodness he seems to be back to normal except still eating less. It is so good to see that smile replace frowns and fusses. I attached him to my hip all day because this boy just wants his momma. I think he could be president of the momma's boy club :)

Off to remake cribs and beds with clean sheets. It's been a taxing few days and I hope we are soon to be on the mend.

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