Friday, August 26, 2016

Road trip and a haircut

Finally Friday. We're starting to get into a school routine but it's a slow go. We're still grouchy pants by the end of the week, that includes parents :)
Last weekend we decided to take a small road trip and head to Lebanon, TN to do a little outlet shopping. The kids need some clothes and shoes for fall so that was my main priority. They both love riding in their double stroller! I'm hoping we can use it at least another year, maybe two! 

It came a torrential downpour while we were there. Between the rain and being caged up in the stroller, they had lots of energy to burn! Marcus and I started just one of us going into a store and the other wrangling the babies outside.

I told her she could pick out one thing in Gymboree. Of all the shirts, pants, dresses and shoes, the one thing she really wanted was her first pair of pearls. I was proud of her shopping decision making!

Mommy was washing vehicles and the babies were driving theirs. I think Jack has a touch of whiplash after riding with sister ;)

He doesn't like to share, especially his space. Every morning during our commute Georgia prays "that Jack won't throw things in the toilet and won't fight" HA!

We were on our way to Grandmomma's and I look back and see this. He really loves books right now, especially ones with cows. And yes, he is already forward facing. He is so tall his knees were in his chest so it needed to happen. He still isn't the best rider in the world but if he has a blanket and his ba ba he can make it.

On Thursday we held an event at our elementary schools where each preschool-4th grade student received a free children's book about nutrition from a local author. 

It was a lot of fun and I'm thankful we had the opportunity to do this for our students.

On Thursday, Jack had his first official haircut. This sums up his feelings about the whole event.

It was past time for a haircut but I had a hard time coming to terms with loosing those curls. Luckily he still has his curls, they are just tamed now.

Very skeptical and upset that he had to be contained for 15 minutes.

He cried the whole time, start to finish. We pretty much knew this was how it would go down. Oh, Jack!

Marcus's barber Barbie did a great job for Jack's first haircut. He wasn't her best client of the day but I'm sure he was the most memorable :)

I'm looking forward to a relaxed weekend with some time at home and maybe some time in the pool. It's still miserably hot, it's hard to believe it will be September next week!

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