Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Photo Dump

A few more pictures being dumped on the blog. Today was our first day of school and everything went really smooth. Georgia Grace and Jack are back to Grandmomma's house for preschool for GGH and Grandmomma time for Jack. I never want to take for granted how blessed we are to have family caring and teaching our babies every day. It is such a gift that where we all reap the benefits. I'm just so so thankful for Marcus's mom, sister and Grandmomma that loves our babies so very much.

Marcus's started his seventh year of teaching today. Time is completely flying by in his teaching career. I took the obligatory first day pictures and will try to get them posted this week!

We've taken some strolls this summer at dusk when the temperature starts to drop. My favorite thing is to eat supper, bathe them and then take our walk to get them ready for bedtime. The earlier bedtime is going to be hard for Georgia Grace but she will adjust.

Have I mentioned how much this child loves makeup?!?

Through my job as nutrition director for our school district,  I applied for grants for a smoothie program and we received notification last week that all four of our schools received grant funding! This is sooooo exciting. I think this is something are students are really going to enjoy. I have the most wonderful staff that is open to new ideas and will do whatever needs to be done if it benefits our students. They are the best!

We've got a cool $14,000 to make this smoothie program a success! Thank you Fuel Up To Play 60, the National Dairy Council, the NFL and USDA for giving us this opportunity.

We saw my nephew last week and he is growing like a weed! It was amazing to see his growth in one week's time. Jack was stealing kisses from Bo and Uncle Eric :)

Paige's friend Katie took some newborn pictures that are spectacular. This one just melts me into an auntie puddle. I love him so much!

Jack boy is cutting more molars and was using his toothbrush as a teether so my attempt to get it away from him for a picture was not successful. My princess and my pirate.

Princess Georgia thinks we should all stay up past bedtime, eat strawberries with sugar (or cookie dough ice cream) every night and play with playdoh every chance we get.

It's off to bed to rest up for another full day. I hope our week continues to go as smoothly as today did.

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